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Adv & Marketing, all about ___ "bigger the better" these include:
ideas; ads, print, broadcast, pricing, brand names, packaging, PR, sales promotion, product itself
___ more than the product; ___ the image, __ management
brand; branding
comes from "Biernan" which means "to burn"; noun used for a name a symbol is burned on; US trademark act of 1870 made ____ legal symbols of good will
brand is a ____ entity (tangible or intangible)
concept; conceptual
Brand serves the purpose for building ____, value/worth, how it benefits the needs of target; trust, goodwill, status, superiority, perceived value, meaning to customer, etc.
personalities... ___ to us
example: ___
talk; nike vs. reebok
awareness; realm of thoughts, info, and facts
3 types of Ad Objectives:
Cognative, Affective, Conative
emotion, feelings, attitudes
action, motives, stimulate/desire
Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction, Purchase
Brands do/do not mean different things to different people; marketer=?, agency=?;media=?; consumer=?
do mean different; marketer=business account; agency=client/account; media=customer/advertiser; consumer=meaning system
A great ad is...
simple, direct, edge, recall, repitition, effective
AIDA-how adv works
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
Adv: 6 key elements:
paid, nonpersonal communication, from an identified sponsor, using media space, persuade or influence, a target audience
changes in modern adv...
60s; 70s; 80s; 90s
60s: creative resolution
70s: recession/rise of marketing & accountability
90s: integrated marketing comm
financially driven mergers, 3 items and example
hit client side 1st, corps wanted diversity, saatchi & saatchi, WWP, Omnicon; tobacco companies
recession of the 70s...
increased importance of marketing and accounting
how has adv changed?
mergers, client relationships, effectiveness questions, lower budgets/more compensation
how adv has changed; client loyalty _____
agencies started "unbundling"
selling individual services separately, pick and choose clients on a menu
On the client side, as competition increased, the need for accountability ____
sales/promotion: ___ term...

Direct Response:
short term; incentives

reply or buy immediately, "buy 1 get 1"
Direct Response is ____ and works well when...
unbiased; when the economy is down
consumber promotion __%
media advertising __%
trade promotion __%
6 top markets include:
NY, Chi, Detroit, LA, SF, Boston
more reasons adv has changed in the 80s-90s
TiVo, audience fragmentation, selectivity, media evolution, consumer changes, globalization, world brands, competitive changes (UPC codes_
planning and implementation of the various marketing communications disciplines as a single, overall communications system
3 characteristics of the creative process
strategy, creativity, execution
3 players in the ad biz
advertisers (retail), ad agencies (sports, general), the media (print, internet)
4 necessities for modern advertising
mass production goods; mass communication/media; mass distribution; mass education (literate society = more demand)
4 capitalism/free market assumptions
supply/demand (regulates pricing); access to more info; caveat emptor; reasonable behavior
caveat emptor
buyer beware.. buyers are rationale
reasonable behavior
assuming people "play by the rules"
push, adv - ___ mktg - ___

push to ________
adv - hard sell; mktg - trade

___ to distribution
pull, adv - ___ mktg - ___

pull to _____
adv - soft sell;

___ to purchasing
market segmentation (2) aka:
looks at market and demands and breaks them down into smaller homogenous markets "target market"; process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who might require seperate products of marketing mixes
target market
group of people (market segment) who are most likely to responde favorably to what the marketer has to offer
5 market segmentation variables
geographic, demographic, psychographic/lifestyle, behavioristic/purchase occassion, consumer needs/loyalty status
John E. Kennedy
"salesmanship in print"; reason why copy & persuasion
Claude Hopkins
wrote scientific adv; tested effectiveness
Rosser Reeves
Ted Bates agency, "USP", 1 unique claim/central idea
Albert Lasker
changed the ad business, more than just buying media, added strategy and creative development
Bill Bernbach DDB
60s creative revolution; persuasion more art than science; surprising combinations of visual aids
Leo Burnett
chi style; find brand's "incoherent syle"
Mary Wells Lawrence
from OH, copywriter, founded agency, highest paid woman in US
David Ogilvy
author; shot/passed in '98; produced for new O&M "what makes good adv?" how you can do well in the business
Ad campaign...
plan, budget, situation analysis, comprehensive plan of action, series of related ads, appear in different media/vehicles, specified period of time; accomplish objectives
_______ outgrowth of account management; started in London, Chiat/Day, part researcher part account manager; understand target; left and right brain
account planning
consumer aperture
______ when/where consumers are likely to be receptive; best window for messages; pizza=events=sporting
DDB Media Network, CHI uses ___, a creative approach
"Personal Truth"; analysis on concept target market
advertising is highly ____
products fail faster when ads make them ______
seem better than reality
local adv-____budgets-___ monitors
lower; less
FTC-protects business from unfair competition, protects consumers.. can levy fines, order corrective adv
Federal Trade Commission
3 central issues concerning advertising ethics:
advocacy (opinions); accuracy (half truth); aquisitiveness (materialism, promote a want not a need)
puffery ____

and anexample:
____ is used all the time, it's an extreme exaggeration "new and improved" can't be tested.. "bayer works wonders"
ethical issues
taste, unpopular products (beer) subliminal adv, stereotyping, affirmative disclosure... etc.
marketing is a _____ of planning, it ____ and establishes a ____ ____
process;exchanges;competitive advantage
5 P's of Marketing
Product, People, Place, Promotion, Price
Package Goods are purchased ____; durable goods are purchased ____
frequently; infrequently
people pay more attention to ads for ___ goods because there is less risk
Easy as P.I.E.
planning; implementation (responsibilities, deadlines) evaluation (monitor web hits, measure adv)
4 reasons to hire an ad agency
expertise (closer to consumer), objectivity, cost efficiency, staffing
full-service agencies serve 2 roles:
idea generation, brand building (media exposure)
4 major functions/depts of an ad agency:
account management (laison); creative services; media planning and buying; research
the ____ of a full service agency steers work thoughout the agency to make sure work is done on time
traffic dept
agencies make money in 3 ways
media commissions, production and service markups, fee systems
marketing services is another way to view ____ and ____
promotion mix & IMC
why marketing services
databases, accountability, immediate results, 2-way communication
Direct Marketing/Response can be advertised through ____
all media
4 direct marketing objectives
direct purchase, inquiries, visits, questionaires.. samples, buzz, etc.
viral marketing is ____ and ____
guerilla marketing and cheap
____ marketing, talk about how great product is, publishers
___ marketing, newletters, what is cool.. athletic shoe companies
direct response compared to general adv is...
tightly targeted, more measureable, more expensive, interactive
in direct mail, most important element is the
R.O.I. creative strategy
Relevance, Originality, Impact
4 creative process examples
preparation, incubation, illumination, verification
kinds of thinking.. ____ is rearranged, changed existing thing
kinds of thinking
juxtaposition, free association, convergent, divergent, brainstorming
message design should be a ____, ___ vs ___
combination; rational vs emotional
target sketch, research on target audience is a _____ representation
2 characteristics of great adv
imaginative divergence (aspect and build); structural connections (audience and strategy)
80/20 rule.. ___% of brands users account for ___% of its consumption
20..80 (20 market 80 consumption)
tv advantages
expensive (250,000) demonstration, emotion, positive association
10 ways to get more effective tv ad
tell story, key visual, attention grabbing, single-minded, register name, people not objects, payoff, tone/personality, no more than 65 words, build campaign
PR has ___ control of message content than adv
PR offers ___ credibility than adv
adv is a ____ discipline
research shows ___% readers go on to read body copy
___ is the act of arranging a mental pic in mind where brand fits in competitive frame
____ provides fictional glimpse into lifestyle of prospect based on research
target sketch
DR.. multimedia field.. ___ can be used
all media
_____ describes the campaign planning process
biggest advertisers
GM, P&G, Verizon
US population
300 million
109 mill
US media billing
$290 bill
disadvantages of mag adv
high reach
media flighting..
period of intensive media followed by a hiatus of no media
frequency ___ reach = ___
times; GRP
single alternative
readership is ___ than circulation
___ tells advertisers # or % of people reached by particular vehicle in specific area
3 basic types of media continuity schedules:
continuous; pulsing; flighting; blinkering
___ represents # of times an audience is exposed
___ and ___ usually make up largest portion of ad budget
media time and space costs
passalong readership
1 passed around
IMC - adv, s/p, pr, dr, personal selling, packaging
integrated marketing communication/promotion mix
consumer pull incentives
coupon, contest
trade push incentive
deal, co-op adv
s/p objectives 3:

reasons for growth
sales, sales force support, trade support;

short-term solutions, consumer behavior, reinforce brand image
s/p is NOT good for:
building brand loyalty, reversing a declining brand, overcoming an inferior product
__ is non-paid/lower-cost, unidentified, more credible, persuasive
___ is paid/higher cost, more accountable
Strategies-how objectives are met
Tactics-actions to execute strategies
laddering is
the process of factors that lead consumers to purchase: attribute, feature, benefit, value
brand development index
category development index
CDI formula
% category sales / % population
Brand Development Index

% brand sales / % population or cat
gross rating points aka trp

viewer / population = rating
rating x commercials = grps
cost per rating point

cost / rating point
___ is an ongoing process of prioritization and optimization
___ is a systematic gathering of info to answer a question or solve a prob
4 research ways
planning, development, implement, measuring results
major development research activities 3
focus group, one-on-one interviews, observation
2 forms of implemenation research
concepts/ads are pretested; test markets/pilot tests
types of post-campaign research (aau)
standardized copytesting; attitude, awareness, and usage AAU studies; dollar sales