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What environmental exposures are acute leukemias associated with?
radiation, benzene, cytotoxic drugs, smoking
Who gets AML?
bimodal (neonates and adults)
What is a t(15;17) ass with?
Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (PML /RARa)
What are Auer rods?
condensed granules in AML cells
Tx for APL?
alpha Trans Retinoic Acid (to induce maturation) followed by chemo
When do you use ARA-C?
if your AML has a t(8; 21) or an inv16
Who gets ALL?
bimodal (2-5 and >60)
Name the dz: fever, bone pain, fatigue, night sweats, high LDH?
What are the stages of therapy for ALL?
induction (hematoligic remissionw/anthra, vincri, prednisone) Intensification (antimetabolites in adults) Maintenance (long term MTX)