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for organs problems from exterior attack on body going inside
he sea
for organs to rectify function of organ
yuan source points
or structural problems use
front mu and back shu
cancer is an example of what kind of problem in organ
structural problem
will rectify functions of organs
yuan source points
If luo has trouble the patient will get coldness on teeth and deafness
also goes to the lung organ
also make a lot of branch along the meridians covering area
what meridian
man is constipated and tries to go to bath room… and ppphhhoomp… ear is clogged and can't hear well

use what point on what channel?
Luo on LI
LI 6
when one organ has problem and starts to affect the external internal paired organ use what point
covers all the flank
sp 21
golden combination
use for primary and secondary disease
yuan luo combo
yang syndromes select
front mu
yin syndromes select
back shu
always upset, wake up by nightmares, frightened to do everything challenging use what point
gb back shu
ub 19
acute urine blood retention- acute is yang

front mu or back shu?
front mu
child flying kite- child is yin kite yang
if kite has problem adjust it from yin
deficient disease is
excess is
problem by yin select
back shu
problem yang select
front mu
back shu points not only for organ but for relative tissues as well
ex muscle problem treat spleen shu
yin xi is tendency to treat
yang xi is tendency to treat
acute pain
stops bleeding from both LU and LI
lung xi LU6
patient all of a sudden has chest pain and has to sit down, sweats is
yin we... use xi cleft
yin wei xi
connects and controls all the meridians in peripheral
yang wei xi cleft

exterior syndromes and periferal syndromes
yang wei
gb 35
peripheral pain tingling or ache, peripheral muscle stiffness
gb 35
problem vertigo balance room spins, stroke, epilepsy (but never during an attack, but can use when attack coming on)
yin and yang qiao
special edema especially trunk area is
outer canthus, ears, legs, shoulders problem
side of head, back of ear to shoulders is area of indication
yang wei
sj 5
pain in chest, heart pain
yin wei
pc 6
inner canthus, muscles on outside of body, muscle spasm, balance problems… lat side sluggish, medial side tense
yang qiao problems
UB 62
influential of marrow
gb 39
nfluential of bone
Ub 11
influential of vessels
Lu 9
influential of sinews
Gb 34
phlegm problem
st 36 ren 12
tsunami in chest… huge pain
pc 8
will release exterior (high fever)
jing well