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What are the causes of Edema?
Invasion of Wind
Invasion of Dampness (int or ext)
Spleen Qi Deficiency
Qi Deficiency of Kidney
What are the characteristic symptoms of yang edema?
abrupt onset
start on face, then whole body
chills, fever, thirst
white tongue coat
superficial or slippery pulse
non-pitting edema
What are the characteristic symptoms of yin edema?
insidious onset
start on feet/ankles, then whole body
aversion to cold
general weakness, loss of appetite
loose stools
pale tongue, white coat
deep thready pulse
Whaty is the treatment principle in yang edema?
Clear the Lung
relieve the exterior sx
remove retained fluid
What is the treatment principle in yin edema?
reinforcing in combination with moxibustion is applied to warm the spleen and kidney
What points would you use to tx yang edema?
L7, LI 4, LI 6, Sp 9, UB 39
What points would you use to tx yin edema?
Ub 20, UB 23, Ren 9, Ren 4, K 7, St 36
What is the cause of nocturnal enuresis?
Kid Qi Def -- kidney unable to maintain Fx of bladder in restraining urine.
What is the treatment principle Kidney Qi Deficient nocturnal enuresis?
Strengthen the kidney and reinforce qi
What points would you use to tx nocturnal enuresis?
B 23, B 28, Ren 3, Sp 6, Liv 1