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Points for Constipation: Excess Qi Stag
S/ST Prolapse of Rectum
Onset is slow, starts w/ distending & dragging sensation of rectum during defecation, Recurrance may happen by overstrain. Sometimes there is lassitude, weakness, sallow complexion, dizziness T: Pale, white coat P: Thready, feeble
Points for Prolapse of Rectum
DU20 (Baihui), B25 (DACHANGSHU), ST36 (ZUSANLI ) (^Qi), DU1 (Changqiang) (local)
S/ST Yang Edema
Abrupt onset of edema with puffy face & eyelids, lustrous skin, accompanied by chills, fever, thirst, cough, asthma and reduced urine output, T: TWC P: Superficial, rolling rapid
S/ST Yin Edema
Insidious onset of edema, at first on the pedis dorsum or eyelids and then over the whole body, esp remarkable below the lumbar region, accompanied by sallow complexion, aversion to cold, cold limbs, soreness of back & loins, general weakness, abd dist.
Points for Yang Edema
LU7 (LIEQUE) (luo), LI4 (HEGU), LI6 (PIANLI) (luo), SP9 (Yinlingquan) (edema), B39 (WEIYANG) (LHST of SJ reg H20)
Points for Yin Edema
(SP/K Yang Edema) B20 (PISHU) (SP), B23 (SHENSHU) (K), RN9 (SHUIFEN) (Ascites, H20 accum), RN4 (GUANYUAN) (activates Yang/Qi), K7 (FULIU) (K yang), ST36 (ZUSANLI ) (warming pt), Facial Puffiness: DU26 (Renzhong), Edema on the Pedis Dorsum: GB41 (ZULINQI), SP5 (SHANGQU) (local)
S/ST Nocturnal Enuresis
Invol micturition during sleep w/ dreams, 1x in several nights: mild cases, or several times a night in sev. cases; sallow complexion, loss appetite & weakness in prolonged cases T: Pale, Wh coat P: Thready pulse (usu d/t K Qi xu: gates not closing)
Pathogenisis of Nocturnal Enuresis?
Def. of KI Qi causes failure of the bladder in restraining the urine discharge. Long duration of disease undermines the KI Qi..
Points for Nocturnal Enuresis
B23 (SHENSHU), B28 (PANGGUANGSHU) (B shu), RN3 (ZHONGJI) (B FM), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (3 leg yin=tf K's), LV1 (DADUN) (circles genis, moxa, like SP1 (YINBAI)=ST UT bleeding), +Dreams; H7 (SHENMEN) (H involved, blood), +Loss of appetite: B20 (PISHU), ST36 (ZUSANLI ) (Tf MJ)
S/ST Urination Disturbance: Stones (Stone Lin)
Occasional presence of stones in urine, dysuira, dark yellow urine, sudden interruption of urine, unbearable pricking sensation, pain in lumbar and abdomen, pressence of blood in urine T: normal
S/ST Urination Disturbance: Qi Dysfunction (Qi Lin)
Difficult and hesitant urination, fullness and pain of lower abdomen, T: TWC P: Deep, S-T
S/ST Urination Disturbance: Blood (Blood Lin)
Blood in urine, burning/ pricking sensation T: thin, yellow P: Rapid, forceful
S/ST Urination Disturbance: Milky Urine (Gao Lin)
Cloudy urine with milky or creamy appearance, urethra burning, dysuria T: Red w/ sticky coat P: thready, rapid
S/ST Urination Disturbance: Overstrain (Lao Lin)
Difficulty urinating with dribbling urine, occurring on and off, exacerbated by overwork P: weak
Points for Urination Disturbance: Stones (Stone Lin)
B28 (PANGGUANGSHU) (BS), RN3 (ZHONGJI) (FM), SP9 (Yinlingquan) + B39 (WEIYANG) (unbearable pricking pain)
Points for Urination Disturbance: Qi Dysfunction (Qi Lin)
B28 (PANGGUANGSHU), RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP9 (Yinlingquan) + LV2 (XINGJIAN) (difficult and hesitant b/c Qi is stagnated)
Points for Urination Disturbance: Blood (Blood Lin)
B28 (PANGGUANGSHU), RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP9 (Yinlingquan) + SP10 (Xuehai), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (B in urine)
Points for Urination Disturbance: Milky Urine (Gao Lin)
B28 (PANGGUANGSHU), RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP9 (Yinlingquan) + B23 (SHENSHU), K6 (ZHAOHAI) (milky quality)
Points for Urination Disturbance: Overstrain (Lao Lin)
B28 (PANGGUANGSHU), RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP9 (Yinlingquan) + D 20, RN6 (QIHAI), ST36 (ZUSANLI ) (overstrain d/t sex, drugs, alcohol=comes and goes, worse after work)
S/ST Retention of Urine: Accumulation of heat in UB
(H20 metab prob) Scanty hot urine, Retention of urine, distention and fullness in of lower abd, thirst but not desire to drink, constipation T: Red w/ yellow coat P: Rapid
S/ST Retention of Urine: Decline of Ming Men Fire
Dribbling urination, pallor, listlessness, chilliness below the lumbar, waekness of loins and knees T: pale P: Deep Thready Weak
S/ST Retention of Urine: Damage of Qi of the meridians
Dribbiling urination, distention, dull pain in lower abd T: Purple spots P: Hesitant, Rapid pulse. Due to trauma or surgery.
Points for Retention of Urine: Accumulation of heat in UB
B28 (PANGGUANGSHU) (heat accum), RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (clear heat from LJ), B39 (WEIYANG) (reg H20 passages)
Points for Retention of Urine: Decline of Ming Men Fire
DU4 (Mingmen), B23 (SHENSHU)( K), DU20 (Baihui) (^Qi), RN4 (GUANYUAN) (H20 passages), SJ4 (Yangchi)
Points for Retention of Urine: Damage of Qi of the meridians
RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), ST28 (SHUIDAO) (H20), KI 5 (Xi-cleft)
S/ST Impotence: Decline of Ming Men Fire
Failure of penis in erection, weak erection, pallor, cold extremities, dizziness, listlessness, T: pale w/ White coat P: Deep Thready. If HT and SP Qi is damaged there will be palpitations and insomnia
Points for Impotence: Decline of Ming Men Fire
RN4 (GUANYUAN), DU4 (Mingmen), B23 (SHENSHU), K3 (TAIXI) (activate Yang)
S/ST Impotence: Damp heat draining down
Inability of penis to stay erect, bitter taste, thirst, hot, dark urine, sore and weak lower extremities T: Yellow Sticky P: Soft and Rapid
Points for Impotence: Damp heat draining down
RN3 (ZHONGJI), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), SP9 (Yinlingquan), ST36 (ZUSANLI )
S/S: Seminal Emissions: Nocturnal
Nocturnal emissions, lassitude, listlessness, scanty yellow urine, T: Red P: Thready, Rapid. Excessive sexual activity = HT & KI disharmony
S/S: Seminal Emissions: Spermatorrhea
Frequent spermatorrhea day or night, lassitude, listlessness, T: Pale P: Deep, Thready, Weak
Points for Seminal Emissions: Nocturnal Emissions
(H+K not communicating) H7 (SHENMEN) (nourish H Blood), B15 (XINSHU) (H shu), K3 (TAIXI) (Y-ST K: build blood), B52 (ZHISHI) (K outer shu, controls essence)
Points for Seminal Emissions: Spermatorrhea
(H+K not communicating) B23 (SHENSHU), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), RN4 (GUANYUAN), RN6 (QIHAI) (daytime leukorrhea), K12 (DAHE) (Empirical: controls essence) F: sang piao xiao
S/S: Insomnia: Heart and Spleen Qi Def
Difficulty falling asleep, dream-disturbed sleep, palps, poor memory, lassitude, listlessness, anorexia, sallow complexion T: Pale, Thin coat P: Thready, Weak, F: Gui Pi Tang
S/S: Insomnia: Disharmony of HT and KI
Restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth w/little saliva, burning sensation of chest and soles, Nocturnal emissions, poor memory, LBP, T: red, no coat P: Thready rapid, F: Tian Wan Bu Xin Dan
S/S: Insomnia: Liver Fire (blazing/disturbing upwards)
Irritability, dream disturbed sleep, fright, fear, accompanied with h/a, distending pain in costal region, bitter taste, P: S-T, rapid, T: red, red sides, F: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
S/S: Insomnia: Dysfunction of ST
Insomnia, suffocating feeling and distending pain in the epigastric region, belching, difficult defecation, T: Sticky, yellow P: Rolling (F.stag from eating too late at night)
Points for Insomnia: Heart and Spleen Qi Def
H7 (SHENMEN) (B), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (Qi), Anmian + B20 (PISHU), B15 (XINSHU), SP1 (Yinbai) [moxa to strengthen HT and SP]
Points for Insomnia: Disharmony of HT and KI
H7 (SHENMEN) (B), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (Qi), Anmian + B15 (XINSHU), B23 (SHENSHU), K3 (TAIXI)
Points for Insomnia: Liver Fire (blazing/disturbing upwards)
H7 (SHENMEN) (B), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (Qi), Anmian + B18 (GANSHU), B19 (DANSHU), GB12 (WANGU) (subdues Liv/GB fire
Points for Insomnia: Dysfunction of ST
H7 (SHENMEN), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), Anmian + B21 (WEISHU), ST36 (ZUSANLI )
Points for Poor Memory
Si Shen Cong*, B15 (XINSHU), B20 (PISHU), B23 (SHENSHU) (H, SP, K make blood) ST36 (ZUSANLI ), K6 (ZHAOHAI), * empirical pt for poor memory This Rx replenishes blood of HT and strengthens SP & KI
S/S: Palpitations: Disturbance of mind
Palps, fear and fright, restlessness, dream-disturbed sleep, anorexia, T: White, TWC P: Sl. Rapid. In case of phlegm heat T: Sticky Yellow P: Rolling, Rapid
S/S: Palpitations: Qi and Blood Def
Palps, lusterless complexion, dizzy, blurring vision, SOB, lassitude, T: Pale, teethmarks P: Thready, weak, intermittent
S/S: Palpitations: Fire due to Yin def
Palps, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, blurring vision, tinnitus, T: Red, little coat P: Thready, Rapid
S/S: Palpitations: Retention of harmful fluid
Palpitation, expectoration of mucoid sputum, fullness in chest, lassitude, weakness, cold extremities T: White coat P: S-T, rolling In case of def of yang in the SP and KI, scanty urine, thirst without desire to drink, T: white slippery P: Rapid, S-T
Points for Palpitations: Qi and Blood Def
B15 (XINSHU) (shu), RN14 (JUQUE) (mu), H7 (SHENMEN) (Blood), P6 (NEIGUAN) (Qi) + B20 (PISHU), B21 (WEISHU), ST36 (ZUSANLI )
Points for Palpitations: Disturbance of mind
B15 (XINSHU), RN14 (JUQUE), H7 (SHENMEN), P6 (NEIGUAN) + P5 (JIANSHI), GB40 (QIUXU) (H + GB Qi xu), +Phlegm Heat: + ST40 (FENGLONG), B19 (DANSHU)
Points for Palpitations: Fire due to Yin def
Points for Palpitations: Retention of harmful fluid
B15 (XINSHU), RN14 (JUQUE), H7 (SHENMEN), P6 (NEIGUAN) + RN9 (SHUIFEN), RN4 (GUANYUAN), RN8 (SHENQUE), SP9 (Yinlingquan) (H Yang xu-d/t oversex)
S/S: Manic-Depressive Disorders: Depressive
Gradual onset, emotional dejection and mental dullness at the initial stage, followed by incoherent speech, changing moods, muteness, anorexia, T: Thin, sticky P: S-T, thready or S-T, rolling (Yin: mutter to self etc.)
S/S: Manic-Depressive Disorders: Manic
Sudden onset, irritability, easy to anger, insomnia, loss of appetite, excessive motor activity, violent behaviors, T: yellow, sticky P: S-T, rapid, rolling (Yang: shouting, agitated, angry)
Points for Manic-Depressive Disorders: Depressive
B15 (XINSHU), B18 (GANSHU), B20 (PISHU), H7 (SHENMEN), ST40 (FENGLONG) (transform Ph, calm mind) (pts are for ph/qi stagnations, more tonifying: H(TF H Blood), Liv, SP (control ph))
Points for Manic-Depressive Disorders: Manic
DU14 (Dazhui), DU16 (Fengfu) (mental disorders), DU26 (Renzhong), P6 (NEIGUAN) (reg Qi in chest, +ST40 (FENGLONG)=clear H Ph), ST40 (FENGLONG) (transform Ph, calm mind) Mania with extreme heat: Prick Jing Well on hands-bleed to reduce heat (pts are more for Heat clearing/H Fire)
S/S: Epilepsy: During Seizure
Seizures are preceded by dizziness, h/a, falling down w/ loss of consciousness, pallor clenched jaw, upward eyes, foaming lips and incontience of urine and feces. Apart from fatigue patient lives a normal life T: White sticky coat P: S-T, rolling
S/S: Epilepsy: After Seizure
Listlessness, lusterless complexion, dizziness, palps, anorexia, profuse sputum, weakness and sore loins and limbs, T: Pale TWC P: Thready, Rolling
Points for Epilepsy: During Seizure
DU26 (Renzhong) (911), RN15 (JIUWEI), P5 (JIANSHI) (clear invisable Ph), ST40 (FENGLONG) (c-invisable Ph), LV3 (TAICHONG) Txp: Calm heart, ease mind, dissolve phlegm + dispel phlegm
Points for Epilepsy: After Seizure
B15 (XINSHU), H7 (SHENMEN), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), K3 (TAIXI), Yin Tang, Yao Qi Points on H, Sp and KI to nourish HT, ease mind, strengthen Sp and KI.
Points for Epilepsy: After Seizure with Daytime Seizure
B15 (XINSHU), H7 (SHENMEN), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), K3 (TAIXI), Yin Tang (calm mind), Yao Qi (emperical for epilepsy: 2 cun ^ coccyx) + B62 (SHENMAI) (YangQiao) (pts TF H + Blood)
Points for Epilepsy: After Seizure with Night Seizures
B15 (XINSHU), H7 (SHENMEN), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), K3 (TAIXI), Yin Tang, Yao Qi + K6 (ZHAOHAI) (Yin Qiao)
Points for Epilepsy: After Seizure with Phlegm Stagnation
B15 (XINSHU), H7 (SHENMEN), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), K3 (TAIXI), Yin Tang, Yao Qi + RN12 (ZHONGWAN), ST40 (FENGLONG)
Points for Epilepsy: After Seizure with Sev. deficiency of Qi and Blood
B15 (XINSHU), H7 (SHENMEN), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ), K3 (TAIXI), Yin Tang, Yao Qi + RN4 (GUANYUAN), ST36 (ZUSANLI )
S/S: Dizziness: Hyperactivity of Liver Yang
Dizziness aggravated by anger, irritability, flushed face, red eyes, tinnitus, bitter taste, dream-disturbed sleep T: Red w/ yellow coat P: S-T, Rapid
S/S: Dizziness: Def of Qi and Blood
Dizziness, w/ pallor, lusterless complexion, weakness, palps, insomnia, pale lips and nails, lassitude, T: Pale, dry cracks P: Thready, weak
S/S: Dizziness: Retention of Phlegm and Dampness
Dizziness witha heavy feeling of head and suffocating sensation in the chest, nausea, profuse sputum, anorexia, somnolence, T: Thick, White, Sticky/Greasy P: Soft, Rolling
Points for Dizziness: Hyperactivity of Liver Yang
GB20 (FENGCHI) (pacify LV wind), B18 (GANSHU), B23 (SHENSHU)+K3 (TAIXI) (Anchor Yang by Nourishing Yin), LV2 (XINGJIAN) (-Fire)
Points for Dizziness: Def of Qi and Blood
DU20 (Baihui) (raise Qi), B20 (PISHU) (SP), RN4 (GUANYUAN) (yuan Qi), ST36 (ZUSANLI ) (source of Qi and Blood), SP6 (Sanyinjiao ) (nourish Yin)
Points for Dizziness: Retention of Phlegm and Dampness
ST8 (TOUWEI), B20 (PISHU) (TF MJ), RN12 (ZHONGWAN), P6 (NEIGUAN) (opens chest, regulates Qi, ST's vomiting), ST40 (FENGLONG) (Ph) F:Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
Dermal needle therapy for Dizziness
D 20, Tai Yang, Yin Tang, Hua Tou Jia Ji, TaP1 (Tianchi)x or 2x/day with moderate stimulation
S/S: Melancholia: LQST
Mental depression, distress of chest, hypochondriac pain, abd distention, belching, anorexia, abd pain, vomiting, abnormal BM, thin, T: Sticky P: S-T
S/S: Melancholia: Transformation of depressed Qi into fire
H/A, dryenss and bitter taste, irritability, distress of chest, hypo distention, acid regurgitation, constipation, red eyes, tinnitus, T: Red w/ yellow coat P: S-T, rapid
Melancholia: Phlegm stagnation S/ST
(Globus Hystericus) Feeling of lump choking in throat, T: thin, sticky P: Rolling
Points for Melancholia: LQST
B18 (GANSHU) (Liv), RN17 (SHANZHONG) (opens chest), RN12 (ZHONGWAN) (regulates ST Qi), ST36 (ZUSANLI ), LV3 (TAICHONG) (source, regulate LV Qi), SP4 (Gongsun) (strengthen SP)
Points for Melancholia: Transformation of depressed Qi into fire
RN13 (SHANGGUAN) (descends Qi, acid regurg), SJ6 (Zhigou)+GB34 (YANGLINGQUAN ) (hypochondriac pain, chest distention), LV2 (XINGJIAN) (clears fire), GB43 (JIAXI) (fire pt on GB ch)
Points for Melancholia: Phlegm stagnation
RN22 (TIANTU) (plum pit Qi), RN17 (SHANZHONG) (opens chest), P6 (NEIGUAN), ST40 (FENGLONG), LV3 (TAICHONG) (move Qi, plum pit Qi) F: Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
S/S: Headache: Invasion of pathogenic wind into the meridian and collaterals
H/A on exposure to wind, the pain may extend to nape of neck and back regions, violent boring and fixed pain P: S-T T: TWC