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SI1 少澤 (少泽)

Shàozé = Lesser Marsh
Functions: (1)Clears Heat & benefits sensory orifices (2)Revives Consciousness (3)Promotes lactation & benefits breasts

Indications: headache, febrile diseases, loss of consciousness, insufficient lactation, sore throat, redness of eye, cloudiness of cornea
SI2 前谷

Qiángŭ = Front Valley
Functions: (1)Clears Wind-Heat & reduces swelling (2)Benefits eyes, ears, and throat (3)Activates channel and alleviates pain

Indications: numbness/pain of fingers, febrile diseases, tinnitus, headache, reddish urine
SI3 後豁 (后溪)

Hòuxī = Back Stream
Functions: (1)Benefits occiput, neck, and back (2)Regulates Du Mai (3)Activates channel & alleviates pain (4)Calms spirit & treats epilepsy (5)Clears Wind and Heat & treats malaria (6)Clears Heat & benefits sensory orifices

Indications: pain/rigidity of neck, tinnitus, deafness, sore throat, mania, malaria, acute lumbar sprain, night sweating, febrile diseases, contracture/numbness of fingers, pain in shoulder/elbow
SI4 腕骨

Wàngŭ = Wrist Bone
Functions: (1)Activates channel & alleviates pain (2)Clears Heat & reduces swelling (3)Clears Damp-Heat & treats jaundice

Indications: febrile diseases with anhidrosis, headache, rigidity of neck, contracture of fingers, pain in wrist, jaundice
SI5 陽谷 (阳谷)

Yánggŭ = Yang Valley
Functions: (1)Clears Heat & reduces swelling (2)Calms spirit (clears Heat from Heart)

Indications: swelling of neck & submandibular region, pain of hand/wrist, febrile diseases
SI6 養老 (养老)

Yănglăo = Support Aged
Functions: (1)Activates channel & alleviates pain (2)Benefits shoulder/arm (3)Benefits eyes (4)Moderates acute conditions and acute pain

Indications: blurred vision, pain in shoulder/elbow/arm
SI7 支正

Zhīzhèng = Branch of the Upright
Functions: (1)Clears Heat & releases Exterior (2)Calms spirit (3)Activates channel & alleviates pain (4)Benefits finger joints

Indications: neck rigidity, headache, dizziness, spasmodic pain in elbow/fingers, febrile diseases, mania
SI8 小海

Xiăohăi = Small Sea
Functions: (1)Clears Heat & dissipates swelling (2)Calms spirit (3)Activates channel & alleviates pain

Indications: headache, swelling of cheek, pain in nape/shoulder/arm/elbow, epilepsy
SI9 肩真

Jiānzhēn = True Shoulder
Functions: (1)Expels Wind & benefits shoulder (2)Activates channel & alleviates pain

Indications: pain in scapular region, motor impairment of hand/arm
SI10 臑俞

Nāoshū = Upper Arm Shu
Functions: (1)Benefits shoulder (2)Activates channel and alleviates pain

Indications: swelling of shoulder, aching/weakness of shoulder/arm
SI11 天宗

Tiānzōng = Heavenly Gathering
Functions: (1)Activates channel &alleviates pain (2)Moves Qi & unbinds chest and lateral costal region (3)Benefits breasts

Indications: pain in scapular region, pain in lateroposterior aspect elbow/arm, asthma
SI12 秉風 (秉风)

Bĭngfēng = Grasping Wind
Functions: (1)Expels Wind & benefits shoulder and scapula

Indications: pain in scapular region, numbness/aching of upper extremities, motor impairment of shoulder/arm
SI13 曲垣

Qūyuán = Crooked Wall
Functions: (1)Benefits shoulder and scapula

Indications: pain/stiffness of scapular region
SI14 肩外俞

Jiānwàishū = Outer Shoulder Shu
Functions: (1)Activates channel & alleviates pain (2)Expels Wind and Cold & benefits shoulder and scapula

Indications: aching of shoulder/back, pain/rigidity of neck
SI15 肩中俞

Jiānzhōngshū = Middle Shoulder Shu
Functions: (1)Descends Lung Qi (2)Activates channel & alleviates pain

Indications: cough, asthma, pain in shoulder/back, hemoptysis
SI16 天窗

Tiānchuāng = Heavenly Window
Functions: (1)Benefits ears, throat, and voice (2)Regulates Qi & calms spirit (3)Activates channel, alleviates pain, & clears Heat

Indications: sore throat, sudden loss of voice, deafness, tinnitus, stiffness/pain of neck
SI17 天容

Tiānróng = Heavenly Appearance
Functions: (1)Benefits neck and throat & dispels swelling (2)Descends Rebellious Qi (3)Benefits ears

Indications: deafness, tinnitus, sore throat, swelling of cheek, foreign body sensation in throat (plume pit Qi), goiter
SI18 顴髎 (颧髎)

Quánliáo = Cheek Bone Crevice
Functions: (1)Eliminates Wind & alleviates pain (2)Clears Heat & reduces swelling

Indications: facial paralysis, twitching of eyelids, pain in face, toothache, swelling of cheek, yellowish sclera
SI19 聽宮 (听宫)

Tīnggōng = Palace of Hearing
Functions: (1)Benefits ears (2)Calms spirit

Indications: deafness, tinnitus, otorrhea, motor impairment of mandibular joint, toothache