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HT-3 少海

Shàohăi = Lesser Sea
He-Sea/Water Point of Heart Channel
HT-4 靈道 (灵道)

Língdào = Spirit Path
Jing-River/Metal Point of Heart Channel
HT-9 少衝 (少冲)

Shàochōng = Lesser Rushing
Jing-Well/Wood Point of Heart Channel
HT-5 通里

Tōnglĭ = Penetrating the Interior
Luo-Connecting Point of Heart Channel,
Heavenly Star Point
HT-7 神門 (神门)

Shénmén = Spirit Gate
Shu-Stream/Earth & Yuan-Source Point of Heart Channel
HT-6 陰郄 (阴郄)

Yīnxī = Yin Cleft
Xi-Cleft Point of Heart Channel
HT-8 少府

Shàofŭ = Lesser Palace
Ying-Spring/Fire Point of Heart Channel