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What problem did the man by the gate have?
he was lame
How long had he had this problem?
since his mother's womb, 40 yrs
What was the name of the gate?
The gate was an entrance to what?
the temple
What was the man doing by the gate?
begging for alms
What is the word for the gift given to the poor?
How did people with these kinds of problems usually survive?
through family, friends, and or charity
In what name did Peter heal the man?
Jesus Christ the Nazarene
when was the man healed?
immediately or instantly
How could you tell that the man was healed?
he stood right up and began to walk
List the names/descriptions of Jesus from Acts 3.
His Servant Jesus, the Holy and Righteous One, Prince of Life, Christ, a prophet like Moses, a blessing, his servant
Of what are Peter and John witnesses?
Of what they have seen and heard, that God raised Jesus
What was the invitation in Acts 3?
What did Peter want the hearers to do?
Turn from their wicked ways
What two promises did Peter extend to those who accepted his message?
Sins wiped away and times of refreshing may come from the lord
How many of the prophets had spoken about Jesus?
all of em
What was the number of disciples in Acts 4?
What happened to Peter and John in Acts 4?
they were arrested and put in jail
List the characteristics of a Sadducee given in class.
Priestly group and aristocratic, believe in Pentateuch alone, reject any resurrection, sacrifices were the heart of the religion
List the characteristics of a Pharisee given in class.
Background in the Hasidim movement; separation from the hellenization of Judaism, teachers
What is the Council/Sanhedrin?
70 members, aristocratic council of elders, presided over by the High Priest, new members likely chosen by the group families
What is the name given among men by which we must be saved?
Jesus Christ the Nazarene
What did Peter say in Chapter Four when told not to speak in the name of Jesus?
“Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather then to God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”
What two things happened when the believers turned to God in prayer in Chapter Four?
The whole place shook and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke God’s word with boldness
What is the name of the man in Chapter Four who sold his property and gave the money to the church?
what was his nickname?
What are the five principles of good giving that Mr. Stevens shared in class?
Give regularly, proportionately, generously, thoughtfully, and joyfully
What is the name of the couple in Acts Five who lied to the Holy Spirit?
Ananias and Sapphira
What did they do with the money from the sale of their property?
Gave a portion to the church and kept the rest
What happened to them?
they died
Why was God so harsh in His judgment upon them?
they were a danger to the fellowhship of the mission
Describe the confidence that the people had in the ability of Peter to heal them.
They thought that his shadow could heal them
What happened after the Apostles were put in jail in Chapter Five?
an angel freed them and told them to them to speak to the people
Where were the Apostles and what were they doing when the officials expected them to be in their jail cells?
Standing in the temple and teaching the people
How did the Council respond to Peter’s speech in Chapter Five?
They were cut to the quick and intended to kill them
Who is Gamaliel?
Jewish Rabbi, grandson of famous Rabbi Hillel, one of seven great Rabbis in Jewish history, teacher of Saul
What was the advice of Gamaliel in regard to what to do about the Apostles?
If the message they are teaching is of God, they cannot be defeated; they don’t want to oppose God
What punishment did the Apostles receive in Chapter Five before they were released?
They were flogged and ordered not to speak in Jesus’ name
What did the Apostles think about this punishment?
Rejoicing over flogging, they had been faithful to the mission, went on to preach every day, publicly and privately
What was the problem in the Church in Acts 6:1-7?
Hungry widows
What is a Hellenistic Jew? List the characteristics given in class. What is a Hebraic Jew? List the characteristics given in class.
Hellenistic Jews - Born outside of Palestine, native language is Greek not Aramaic, use LXX in their synagogues, open to Hellenistic culture retired to Jerusalem, established Greek-speaking synagogues, gained prestige through zeal
Hebraic Jew – Born in Palestine, use Hebrew scrolls, against Hellenism, spoke in Aramaic
Who chose the servants that would solve the problem?
The whole congregation
What were the qualities the servants should already exhibit in their lives?
Men full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom
What two things did the Apostles do for those servants?
Prayed and laid their hands on them
What was the priority of the Apostles?
The word of God (praying and preaching);
Why wouldn’t they work on the problem personally?
they wouldn’t have time and their mission would fail
What are the names of the seven men chosen?
Stephen, Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas;
What kind of Jews were the seven?
Describe the ministry of Stephen. What was he like personally? What works did he do? How is his preaching described?
Full of grace and power; wonders and signs; wisdom and spirit
Whom did Stephen seek to evangelize?
Freedmen (Hellenists)
How did they respond? What legal action did they take?
Extreme anger and had a trial
How did Mr. Stevens summarize the message of Stephen?
Jesus is part of God’s unfolding plan, but you are part of Israel’s unending failure
What/who did Stephen associate the Council with in his speech?
Murders of the prophets
What did Stephen see when the heavens were opened up?
The glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God
Who did the killers of Stephen lay their coats beside?
What does that imply?
he was taking responsibility for what was going on
What does Stephen say as he is dying that sounds much like the final words of Jesus?
Receive my spirit” and “do not hold this sin against them”
son of encouragement
Ananias and Sapphira
lied and died
charitable gifts
one sent by God
high priests
High Priest, Caiaphas’ son-in-law
Solomon’s Portico
porch or colonnade
Synagogue of Freedmen
Hellenistic Jews
lies about God