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How do you verify AD installation ?
Check for SRV and A records
Authorative Restore
Boot computer in Directory Services Repair Mode and run NtdsUtil
How are new sites configured ?
Active Directory Sites and Services (ADSAS)
What must be done after creating a site ?
(1) Add IP subnets to the site
(2) install/move a DC(s) into the site
(3) Connect the site to other sites with the site link
(4) select a server to control and monitor licensing within the site
What does the KCC do ?
Maintains schedules and settings for default site links and bridges
How do you configure a GC server ?
Select the desired DC
Right Click on NTDS settings
Check the box for Global Catalog
How do you backup AD system state data ?
Windows 2000 Backup Utility
How do you restore settings to overwrite existing AD settings on other DCs
Authorative Restore
How do you restore out-of-date information. You want the restored data to be overwritten by new data
Nonauthoritative restore