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Do you know, Mrs. Manningham, it has occurred to me that you'd be all the better for a little medicine.
Medicine. Are you a doctor? You're not a doctor, are you?
No, I'm not a doctor, but that doesn't mean that a little medicine would do you any harm.
But I have medicine. He makes me take it. It does me no good, and I hate it. How can medicine help a mind that's ill?
Oh - but mine's an exceptional medicine. I have some with me now. You must try it.
What medicine is it?
You shall sample it and see. You see, it has been employed by humanity, for several ages, for the purpose of the instantaneous removal of dark fears and doubts. That seems to fit you, doesn't it?
The removal of doubt. How could a medicine affect that?
Ah - that we don't know. The fact remains that it does. Here we are. You see, it comes from Scotland. Now, Madam, have you such a thing handy as two glasses or a couple of cups?
Why - are you having some too?
Oh, yes. I am having some above all things. We could use these cups, if you like.
No. I will get two -
Ah - thank you - the very thing. Now we shan't be long.
What is it? I so dislike medicine. What does it taste like?
Delicious! Something between ambrosia and methylated spirits. Do you mean to say you've never tasted good Scotch whiskey, Mrs. Manningham?
Whiskey? But I must not take whiskey. I can't do that!
You underestimate your powers, Mrs. Manningham. You see, I don't want you thinking you can't trust your reason. This will give you faith in your reason like nothing else - Now for some water - All right this will do. There! Tell me - Did you ever hear of the Cabman's Friend, Mrs. Manningham?
The Cabman's Friend?
Yes. How nice to see you smile. Here's your very good health. Go on - There - Is it so nasty?
No. I rather like it. My mother used to give us this as children when we had the fever.
Ah, then you're a hardened whiskey drinker. But you'll enjoy it better sitting down.
Yes. What were you saying? Who is the Cabman's Friend?
Ah. The Cabman's Friend. You should ask me who was the Cabman's Friend, Mrs. Manningham, for she was an old lady who died many years ago.
An old lady years ago? What has she to do with me?