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(1) Dysmenorrhea
(2) Flank chest abdom pain
(3) Spontaneous sweating
B.754 C.930 Dr.123
bái sháo 白芍

(1) Nourishes blood & regulates menses [Dysmenorrhea*, vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding, pale lusterless complexion, dull lusterless nails, d/t blood defic; Very commonly used herb]
(2) Calms & curbs LV yang & alleviates pain [Flank chest abdom pain*, tenesmus-painful colon, painful spasms in abdom, cramping & spasms in hands & feet, d/t constrained LV qi or d/t LV SP disharm, HA & dizzin d/t LV yang rising, abdom pain d/t dysentary ds; Nourishes blood & stops spasms, "Softens & comforts" the LV, see Shao yao tang]
(3) Preserves yin & adjusts ying & wei levels [Spontaneous sweating*, vaginal discharge, spermatorrhea, ext WC d/t defic w/ continuous sweating]

No noted CTX

bái(white) sháo(Paeoniae)
Paeoniae Radix alba
white peony root
bitter, sour, mildly cold
(1) Pallid ashen complexion
(2) Abdominal pain d/t blood stasis
(3) Chronic constipation
(4) Sores
(5) Helper: Weak effect for coughs
B.750 C.918 Dr.121
dāng guī 當歸

(1) Tonifies blood & regulates menses [Pallid ashen complexion*, lusterless nails, tinnitus, blurred vision, palpitations, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea]
(2) Invigorates & harmonizes blood & disperses cold [Abdominal pain d/t blood stasis*, traumatic injury, carbuncles, chronic WD bi w/ blood defic, esp w/ cold d/t defic; Pregnancy & postpartum w/ other herbs w/ caution]
(3) Moistens intestines & unblocks bowels [Chronic constipation]
(4) Reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh, & alleviates pain [Sores*, abscesses; Special ability to both tonify & invigorate blood; Internal & topical use]
(5) Treats coughs [Helper: Weak effect for coughs]

CTX: Diarrhea or abdominal fullness d/t abundant dampness

dāng(state of, should or ought to be) guī(return)
Angelicae sinensis Radix
Chinese angelica root
spicy, sweet, warm
(1) Dizziness
(2) Bleeding-any type
B.758 C.935 Dr.124
ē jiāo 阿膠

(1) Tonifies blood [Dizziness*, pale or sallow ie unhealthy yellow or brown complexion, palpitations]
(2) Nourishes blood & stops bleeding [Bleeding-any type*, consumptive ds w/ coughing blood, blood in stool, exc menstrual bleeding, uterine bleeding]
(N) Irritability, insomnia, following febrile dz, dry LU cough d/t yin defic or consumption

CTX: SP ST defic, focal dist in epigastrium, diarrhea

ē(is a prefix, familiarity) jiāo(gelatin, glue)
Asini Corii Colla
donkey-hide gelatin
sweet, neutral
(1) Dizziness
(2) Wind rash d/t blood defic
B.746 C.927 Dr.124
hé shǒu wū 何首烏
(zhì hé shǒu wū)
(1) Tonifies LV & KD, nourishes blood, & augments jing [Dizziness*, blurred vision, premature greying of hair, weak low back & knees, soreness in extremities, nocturnal emissions, insomnia]
(2) Expels wind from skin by nourishing blood [Wind rash d/t blood defic]

CTX: Loose stools, significant damp or phlegm, is toxic

hé(surname) shǒu(head) wū(crow-black) [Mr. He with crow-black hair, legend]
Polygoni multiflori Radix preparata
processed fleeceflower root
bitter, sweet, astring, sl warm
(1) Insomnia
B.764 C.937 Dr.R
lóng yǎn ròu 龍眼肉

(1) Tonifies & augments HT & SP, nourishes blood, & calms spirit [Insomnia*, HT palpitations, forgetfulness, dizziness, d/t HT & SP defic; Often d/t excessive pensiveness or overwork]

CTX: Fire from constraint, phlegm w/ qi stagn, or obstruction d/t dampness

lóng(dragon) yǎn(eye) ròu(flesh)
Longan Arillus
longan fruit
sweet, warm
TonifyBlood, Clinic-Refrig
(1) Irregular menstruation
(2) Weak low back & limbs
(3) Wasting & thirsting ds esp LJ
(4) Delayed childhood development
B.744 C.924 Dr.123
shú dì huáng 熟地黃
(shú dì)
(1) Tonifies blood [Irregular menstruation*, uterine bleeding, facial pallor, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, postpartum bleeding, d/t blood defic]
(2) Nourishes yin [Weak low back & limbs*, dizziness, tinnitus, tidal fevers, nightsweats, nocturnal emissions, d/t LV & KD defic]
(3) Strongly enriches yin & relieves wasting & thirsting disorder [Wasting & thirsting ds esp LJ]
(4) Nourishes blood & tonifies jing [Delayed childhood development*, premature aging, greying hair, diminished mental acuity, memory loss, impotence]

CTX: Fullness & pain in abdom, profuse phlegm, reduced appetite, diarrhea, d/t qi stagn; Is very cloying, stagnates damp, & impedes digestion

shú(cooked) dì(earth) huáng(yellow)
Rehmanniae Radix preparata
prepared Chinese Foxglove root
sweet, sl warm