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(1) Four Bigs
(2) Sore throat
(3) UTI painful urinary dribbling
(4) Blood in stools
(5) Amenorrhea
(6) Skin lesions
B.235 C.269 Dr.42
dà huáng 大黃

(1) Drains heat & purges accumulations [Four Bigs*, big high fever, big profuse sweat, big thirst, big pulse, constipation, abdom distention & pain, yellow tongue coat]
(2) Drains fire [Sore throat*, intense fever, sores on mouth tongue throat, hot swollen painful eyes]
(3) Clears heat, transforms dampness, & promotes urination [UTI painful urinary dribbling*, edema, jaundice, acute hot dysenteric dz]
(4) Drains heat from blood [Blood in stools*, hemorrhoids, vomiting blood, nosebleeds; Removes excess Damp-Heat fire toxins accum in intestines; Stops bleeding w/out causing blood stasis]
(5) Invigorates blood & dispels blood stasis [Amenorrhea*, dysmenorrhea, abdominal masses, intestinal abscess blood stasis, traumatic injury ]
(6) Clears heat & reduces fire toxicity [Skin lesions* d/t heat, burns; Internally or topically]
(N) Lowers blood pressure; problematic constipation

CTX during pregnancy & while breast feeding (purgative)

dà(big) huáng(yellow)
Rhei Radix et Rhizoma
rhubarb root and rhizome
bitter, cold
(1) Constipation
B.241 C.276 Dr.42
fān xiè yè 番瀉葉

(1) Drains downward & guides out stagnation [Constipation* d/t heat accum in intestines; Acute or chronic problems ]
(N) Originally from mid-east/persia

CTX during pregnancy & while breast feeding (purgative); Caution during period; large amounts can cause colic pain, nausea, vomiting, inflammation of intestinal mucosa

fān(foreign) xiè(diarrhea) yè(leaf) ["purgative leaf of foreigners"]
Sennae Folium
senna leaf
bitter, sweet, cold
(1) Constipation
(2) Epigastric discomfort
(3) Roundworms
B.243 C.278
lú huì 蘆薈

(1) Drains fire & guides out accumulation [Constipation*, dizziness, red eyes, esp w/ HT LV fire with irritability, reslessness, & insomnia; mild]
(2) Clears heat & cools LV [Epigastric discomfort*, dizziness, HA, tinnitus, irritability, constipation, fever d/t heat in LV]
(3) Kills parasites & strengthens ST [Roundworms* in children, childhood nutritional impairment, tinea]
(N) Purgative, mild laxative, good cleansing medicinal for ST

CTX during pregnancy & while breast feeding

lú(reed) huì(flourish)
aloe leaf sap
bitter, cold
DoDr-Purg, Not in Clinic
(1) Constipation
(2) Bronchitis
(3) Red swollen painful eyes
B.240 C.274 Dr.41
máng xiāo 芒硝

(1) Purgative, purges accumulation & guides out stagnation [Constipation* d/t excess heat in ST & Intestines]
(2) Clears heat & drains fire [Bronchitis*, pneumonia, mouth sores, vomiting; Excess type heat in LU or ST, accum of phlegm, clumping in the Intestines ]
(3) Clears heat & reduces swelling [Red swollen painful eyes*, breast abscess early stages, ulcerated mouth or throat, red swollen skin lesions, lactation difficulties]
(N) Brings fluids into intestines; opens & clears stagnation

CTX during pregnancy & while breast feeding; Special: add to prepared decoction

máng(sodium sulfate) xiāo(saltpeter)
Natrii Sulfas Na2SO4•10 H2O
Sodium Sulfate
bitter, spicy, salty, very cold
(1) Constipation in elderly
(2) Constipation d/t yin defic
(3) Dry sores
B.245 C.282 Dr.43
huǒ má rén 火麻仁
(dà má rén)
(1) Nourishes & moistens intestines [Constipation in elderly*, or d/t aftermath of febrile dz, or postpartum, or blood defic; Best herb for lubricating intestines ]
(2) Nourishes yin [Constipation d/t yin defic]
(3) Clears heat & promotes healing of sores [Dry sores*, ulcerations; Also very good for skin ]
(N) Very high in omega-3 oils

No noted CTX

huǒ(fire) má(hemp, cannabis) rén(seed)
Cannabis Semen
cannabis/hemp seeds
sweet, neutral
(1) Constipation d/t qi stagnation
(2) Edema
B.247 C.284 Dr.R
yù lǐ rén 郁李仁

(1) Moistens intestines & unblocks bowels [Constipation d/t qi stagnation ]
(2) Promotes urination & reduces edema [Edema*, leg qi, constipation]

Caution during pregnancy

yù(constrained, dense) lǐ(plum) rén(seed)
Pruni Semen
bush cherry pit
spicy, bitter, sweet, neutral
DoDr-Lax, Clinic-Refrig
(1) Abdominal distention/fullness/pain
(2) Ascites
(3) Phlegm in throat causing difficult breathing
(4) External abscesses & ulcers
B.258 C.280 Dr.170
bā dòu 巴豆

(1) Warmly unblocks & vigorously purges [Abdominal distention/fullness/pain*, constipation, d/t severe cold accumulation]
(2) Drives out water & reduces edema [Ascites ]
(3) Breaks up clogged phlegm & improves condition of throat [Phlegm in throat causing difficult breathing*, wheezing, severe fullness/ distension in chest/diaphragm, phlegm veiling sensory orifices]
(4) Promotes healing of abscesses & ulcers [External abscesses & ulcers*, severe ulcers; Apply topically]

CTX: Very toxic, pregnancy, weak patients

bā(clinging) dòu(bean)
Crotonis Fructus
croton seed
spicy, hot, toxic
DoDr-HarExp, Clinic-NoCateg
(1) Ascites
(2) Seizures from wind-phlegm
(3) Topically: Swollen painful nodular skin lesions
B.251 C.285
gān suì 甘遂

(1) Drains water downward & drives out thin mucus [Ascites*, severe fluid accumulation in chest or abdomen; Violent cathartic herb]
(2) Drives out phlegm [Seizures from wind-phlegm*, mania-withdrawel d/t phlegm congealing & clumping]
(3) Clears heat & reduces swelling [Topically: Swollen painful nodular skin lesions* d/t Damp-Heat]

CTX: Toxic, use only for ascites etc, & for limited time

gān(sweet) suì(process)
Kansui Radix
Kan-Sui root
bitter, sweet, cold, toxic
DoDr-HarExp, Not in Clinic
(1) Labored breathing
(2) Topical: Red swollen painful toxic sores
B.255 C.288
jīng dà jǐ 京大戟
(Is NOT dà jì)
(1) Drains water downward & drives out thin mucus [Labored breathing*, expectoration of thick sputum, dull pain in lateral aspect of chest, thick greasy tongue coat, d/t moderate accumulation of fluids in chest/flanks]
(2) Reduces swelling & dissipates nodules [Topical: Red swollen painful toxic sores*, scrofula ]

CTX during pregnancy & for debilitated; Gan Cao

jīng(capital) dà(big) jǐ(lance)
Euphorbiae pekinensis Radix
euphorbia root
bitter, spicy, cold, toxic
DoDr-HarExp, Not in Clinic
(1) Ascites
(2) Cough & wheezing
(3) Constipation
(4) Worms
B.249 C.290 Dr.43
qiān niú zǐ 牽牛子

(1) Drains water & promotes urination [Ascites*, edema, d/t stagn of pathogenic water or damp; Expels water via both urine & stool]
(2) Drives out phlegm & thin mucus [Cough & wheezing*, fullness in chest & abdom d/t thin mucus obstructing LU]
(3) Unblocks bowels & removes accumulation [Constipation* d/t damp-heat or food stagnation ]
(4) Expels intestinal parasites & reduces stagnation [Worms*: Round worm, tapeworm, food stagnation ]
(N) Harsh expellant/cathartic, but is mild in this group

CTX pregnancy; Caution: Weak patients

qiān(lead along) niú(cow) zǐ(seeds) ["cowherd seeds"]
Pharbitidis Semen
morning glory seeds
bitter, spicy, cold, sl toxic
(1) Edema
(2) Heat sores
B.261 C.293
shāng lù 商陸

(1) Drives out water through urethra & anus [Edema* d/t severe excess-type constipation & urinary difficulty ]
(2) Reduces sores & carbuncles [Heat sores*, fresh herb used topically ]

Great caution: Highly toxic, pregnancy

shāng(commerce) lù(continent)
Phytolaccae Radix
Poke weed
bitter, cold, toxic
DoDr-HarExp, Not in Clinic
(1) Accumulation of fluids in chest/abdomen
(2) Damp-Cold chronic bronchitis
(3) Tinea
B.256 C.288 Dr.169
yuán huā 芫花

(1) Drains water downward & drives out thin mucus [Accumulation of fluids in chest/abdomen*, thin mucus in flanks; Harsh cathartic]
(2) Dispels phlegm & stops coughing [Damp-Cold chronic bronchitis*, coughing & wheezing]
(3) Kills parasites [Tinea*; Apply topically]

CTX: Toxic, use only for ascites etc, & for limited time

yuán(genkwa) huā(flower)
Genkwa Flos
genkwa flower
bitter, spicy, warm, toxic
DoDr-HarExp, Clinic-NoCateg