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What are Anti-federalists?
The Anti-Federalists did not support the consitution
What were the federalists?
The federalists were for teh consitution.
According to the Federalists, What were the reasons for the Problems in the Nation?
Problems with the Nation were linked to a weak confederation
who were some of the Main Federalists?
Hamilton, Madison, Jay, Marshall
Who were the federalists supported by?
Washington and Franklin
Why didin't the Anti-Federalists like the Constitution?
They viewed the Constitution as a radically centralizing document that would destry American Liberty
Were the Anti-federalists for or against a strong central government?
Who were the major Anti-federalists?
Henry, Monroe, Hancock, Adams
Which wanted a Bill of Rights?


What is Sattire?
Making fun of Society with the hopes of bringing about change or realism
Who Bought the Louisiana Purchase?
Thomas Jefferson from Napolean
Who did France recieve Louisiana from?
How much was Louisiana Bought for?
15 mil. dollars
what were the states that were formed from the Louisiana Purchase?
Lousisana, Arkansas, Misouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana
What were the conditions of the Missouri Compromise?
Main becomes a Free State and Missouri becomes a Slave state. Also an Arbitrary line dividing slavery between North and SOuth (not including Missouri)
Before the Louisiana Purchase, how many free and slave states were there?
who negociated the Treaty for Flordia?
john Adams
Which were the MOST influincial part of the westward expansion?



Major Rivers
Was Walt Whitman a Transendintalist?
Who is credited with inventing Free-Verse?
Walt Whitman
Who was the founder of the Transindentalists club?
Emerson, Thoreau, Margaret Fuller
Did the Transindentalists believe in following laws?
Yes and NO, They believed in questioning authortiy
What is an Aphorism?
a breif statement that exoresses a principal or truth about life
What did the Transindentalists believe in?
they believed in "questioning authority", that "things are because they are" that "Truth exists beyond reason" and that every indavidual is capable of discovering the higher truth through intuition
Did the Transindintalists believe in slavery?
What was Henry David Threau famous for?
Removing himself form society & becoming compleatly self-reliant. He considered societie's values materialistic
What is a paradox?
a statement that seems to contridict itself
Why did Texas remove itself from Mexico?
because the Mexican Government wanted to remove slavery
Why did the North not want Texas to join the union?
because Texas supported slavery and it was a large amount of land so many slave states could come from that land makeing slvery have the higher numbers
What brought about the Compromise of 1850?
the Mexican American War, The Calefornia Gold Rush, and Oregonm County
What were the conditions of the compromise of 1850?
_Free state
_NM territory created
_Utah Territory created
_Utah and NM could decided the slve issue by popular sovrenty
_Slavery abolished in Washinton
_The fugative Slave laws
What is the definition of Romanticism?
A movement in the arts were writers glorified nature and celebrated individuality and the supernatural
Why is Washinton Irving an inportant writer of his time?
he put America on the Literary Map by pioneering humorous writing and short stories as a literary form
Why did publishers refuse to publish Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"
because it was too raunchy
Why did Frederick Douglass Write his Auto-Biography?
Because people did not believe that such an educated man could have ever been a slave
Which of the following statements concerning the Nissouri Compromise is NOT valid?
A- The Missouri Compromise permanently settled the issue of slavery in new states

B- The Missouri Compromise was unlike the compromises made at the Consitutional convention.

C-The Missouri Compromise maintained the North-South balance of power in the senate.

D- Thomas Jefferson was critical of the Compromise
How did the United States purchase Flordia?

A- the result of a war

B- purchased from Spain

C- Purchased from England

D-Part of the Loisiana Purcahse
Which was NOT a provision of the Missouri Compromise?

A- Missouri was admitted to the Union as a slave state

B- Slavery was forbidden North of 36 degrees 30 minutes, except Missouri

C- For each slave state admitted to the Union, in the future, a free state had to be admitted

D- Maine was to be admitted into the Union as a free state
Whicg of the following expanded the instiution of slavery?

A- Moral objections

B- the decline in the price of tobacco

C- the invention of the cotton gin

D- outlawinf of slavery in the Norh
The cheif significance of the Louisiana Purcahse was that it

A- cost so little

B-assured american control of the mississippi

C- made war with France unneccary

D- stregnthened the federalists party
The Louisiana Purcahse

A- doubled the size of America

B- forced Jefferson to reverse his interpretation of the consitution

C- was strongly supported by the fed. party

D- both A & B
Lewis and Clark reached the rockies by following the
A-oregon trail

B-Colorado river

C- Missouri river

D- Platt River
Which political Party was formed to oppose the extention of slavery?



D- Whig
Which political party was formed to oppose the growing political power of immagrants?



Which was NOT a point made in the Dred Scott decision?

A- The missouri Compromise was Void

B-Slaves were not citizens

C- Congress could not restrict slvery in the territories

D- A slave taken into a free state becaome free