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Thank you, ANnie. ANd welcome to America's favorite radio program, the Oxydent Hour os Smiles,starring your old softy, Bert Healy. And good evening Oliver Warbucks, it's nice of you to stop by.
Good evening, Bert Healy. It's nice to be here.
Oliver Warbucks, I understand that you have something to tell the folks at home about little Annie here.
Yes, Bert Healy, I am now conducting a coast-to-coast nationwide search for Annie's parents. furthermore, I'm offering a certified chekc for fifty thousand dollars to any persons who can prove that they are Annie's parents.

So, ANnie's parents, if you're listenin' in, write to Oliver Warbucks care of this station. Thanyou, Oliver Warbucks.
Thank you, Bert Healy. (flustered) And I would also like to take this opportunity to thatnk the makers of all-new Oxydent Toothaste, with miracle L-64 to fight bad breath, for letting me appear this evening - and I just did a commerical!? (crumples paper) Grace! I've never endorsed a single product in all my life! This is the most...
Scenes 2, 3 begin and end. East Street Reprise

Sir, I thingk every liar, thief and crackpot... giving Annie the locket

Did they show up yet?
It appears that everyone who claimed to be your parents are fakes.
Oh. Well, I'm sure my real parents will showw up. Maybe they missed their train or got lost or something.

Sir, this just arrived by speckal messenger by the F.B.I.
Ah, finally. The information about Annie's locket. (reads) Between 1918 and 1924, (heart break) nenety-thousand of Annie's type of locket was made and sold.
Aw, gee.
The F.B.I. says it's impossible to trace your parents through it. (kneeling, taking the locket from the envelope and putting it on Annie) I'm so, so very sorry Annie.
You did the best you could, sir... You didn't turn out so bad.
Yes, sir?
Do you have those legal papers I gave you the other day?
Right here!
(next to Annie) Annie, I love you as if you were my own little girl. I want to adopt you. (pause) Would you consider it?
It's just that I love my real mother and father so much... love anybody else.
I understand, but if you could find a place in your heart for me...(I would never be the same)
Mr. Warbuck, if i can't have my real parents, there's no one in the aorkld i'd rather have for a father than you!
(they hug) Annie, this isn't just goint to be an adoption, it's going to be a celebration! And you can have anyone in the world you want come to it. Who would you like?
Well, I'd like... everybody here.
Ye, sir!
Tell the staff to get spiffed up. They're going to be the guests at Annie's adoption party.
Yes, sir

Oh, and the kids.
(to Grace) It'll be way past their bedtime now. But I'll tell you what, we'll have everyone form the orphanage her tomorrow for a big Christmas party.
Miss. Hannigan, too?
(generous) Why not?
Song: I Don't Need Anything But You
Ya know what, Annie?
I think I'm the luckiest man in the world.
And I think I'm the luckiest kid, too.
Together at last...
Scene 5
Lily: And you're Annie Mudge?
Annie Mudge?
We loved you, Annie, but we had to leave you behind.

Lily: Oh, thank heaven, Ralph, she's our Annie
Mr. Mudge, what about the money?
Well, we ain't got much, but we'd be glad to give you whatever...
You haven't heard that I've offered a certified check for fifty thousand dollars to anyone who can prove they are Annie's parents?
Lily: On the other hand, Ralphie...In the country.
Would you mind if Annie sayed here until tomorrow morning, Christmas? Then you could come back to pick up Annie and the check.
Rooster: Oops! Pardon me babe. Merry Christmas.
(hesitantly) Well, this is...
Wonderful news.
Drake. Champagne.
Yes, sir.
We must celebrate because we've just had the most wonderful new in the world. Annie has found her mother and father. (looks at Annie) I propose a toast (pause) to Annie Mudge
Grace: Annie!
I've lost her. I've lost Annie.
Sir, I have the strangest feeling that...he's not who he says he is.
Then I won't give her up 'til we're certain.
But how...?
I'll find a way! Ill go straight to the top - to the President of the United States. Even if he IS a Democrat!
Scene 6 Maybe Reprise 2
Merry Christmas, Mr. Warbucks, Miss Farrell.
You're up early.
You're up early, too.
We've been up all night, dear. F.B.I. men coming and going. And Annie, did you know that President Roosevelt is here?
Mr. President.
Annie: Yes. Mr. and Mrs. Mudeg
No, dear. David and Margaret.
Annie...(looks for help)
Annie: You menan I really am an orphan after all.
Are you all right, Annie?
Yes, because I know they loved me. And they would have come for me if they weren't...
I love you, Annie Bennett.
Grace: the birth certificate could easily...about the locket except us.
(stand) And the F.B.I, of course.
And Miss. Hannigan.
(together) And Miss. Hannigan.
Orphans: Annie! Annie! Hi, Annie!
Ah, Miss Hannigan . I'm delighted to meet you.
Same here, and I'd know you anywheres.
Miss Hannigan, let me introduce you to everyone. You know my secretary, Miss Farrell. And this is the President of the United States. And this is my butler, Drake.
Drake: Mr. Warbucks, this has just come from the F.B.I.
Now it all fits together.
Lily: Merry Christmas, one and all.
(with Grace) Merry Christmas
Well, we don't want to bother you on Christmas and all. We just come to pick up Annie - and the check.
Ah, yes, of course, the check. (from Grace) Here it is, Mr. Mudge. Fifty thousand dollars. Certified.
Certified. Pay to the order of... "The jig is up"?!
Yes, the jig is up, Daniel Francis Hannigan!
Mr. Howe, turn them over.

Yes, sir.

Lily: Well, it ain't Easy Street, but at least I'm wearin' silver!
And I believe you'll find that this woman is their accomplice.

Orphans: Hooray!
And you won't have to work any more.
Roosevelt: Yes, girls, for you, and perfaps for all of us... Hey, i rather like that: "A New Deal!"
So do I, Franklin. (plugs in Christmas tree) a New Deal.

followed by everlasting applause.