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The tricuspid is found between the :
Right atrium and right ventricle
Which structure supports the body in the sitting position?
Ischial tuberosity
Which statement is true about the Golgli tendon apparatus?
Dectects overall tension in tendon
Which muscles are major adductors?
Pectoralis and Latissimus dorsi
What supplies blood to the lower limbs?
Lumbosacral plexus
The only joint in the upper body where he axial skeleton articulates with the appenduicular skeleton:
Which muscles adducts and medial rotates the femur at the hip?
Which muscle is closest to the sciatic nerve?
The movements at synovial joints include flexion/extention, abduction/adductions/ and...
What is the contributing factors to muscle fatigue?
Insufficient oxygen, depletion of glycogen, lactic buildu
Elevators of the Scapula
Upper trapezius
Levator scapula
Depressors of the scapula
Pectoralis minor
Lower traps
Protractors of the scapula
Pectoralis minor
serratus anterior
Retractors of the scapula
Middle traps
Upward rotators of the scapula
Upper trapiezius
lower traps
serratus anterior
Donward rotators of the scapula
Levator scapula
pectoralis minor