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What are the two components that control box temperature?
Box Thermostatic Switch and Box Solenoid Valve
On a Detroit Switch, how do you adjust the cut-in point?
Adjust the Range screw, located on the right side of the switch
On a Detroit Switch, how do you adjust the cut-out point?
Adjust the Differential screw.
What type of condenser is used in the refrigeration system?
Shell and Tube design. It has four passes of cooling water to remove the heat.
What is the purpose of the salt water strainer in a refrigeration system?
Protects the salt water system from foreign material entering the Condenser and Water Regulating Valve
Explain the purpose of the Liquid Feed Control Strainer strainer.
Strains foreign material from entering the Box Solenoid Valve and Thermal Expansion Valve.
What is the function of the Water Regulating Valve on a water cooled conderser?
Regulates the flow of water according to the amount of heat to be dissipated.
Explain the function of the Compressor Crankcase Heater.
Function is to keep the oil warm during the Compressor shutdown period. Allowing lube oil and refrigerant to seperate.
Name two types of Noise Control Devices in a refrigeration plant.
Resilent Mounts and Flexible Hoses
What is the purpose of the Oil Recovery System in a refrigeration plant?
Recovers lube oil from the refrigerant system, returns the lube oil back to the compressor sump.
Name three type of valves used in a refrigeration system.
Packless, Packed, and Service Valves
How do you figure out Superheat?
Difference between Boiling Temperature in the Evaporator and Tail Coil Temperature.
What is a Step Down Transformer in an electrical diagram for a refrigeration system?
Electrical reducer from 440 Volts to 110 Volts.
What is the most common type of compressor in a refrigeration plant?
Rotary Compressor
What is the only moving part in a Rotary Compressor?
Rotor Assembly
What is used to heat the lube oil in the lube oil system in a Rotary Compressor?
A Self-Regulating Heat Tape. It maintains lube oil temperature at 140 degrees F to 160 degrees F.