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Keq is never:
negative or positive?
delta pKa =
-log Keq
Weaker acid has higher or lower pKa?
higher pKa
The closer an electonegative atom is to the main H, the (higher or lower) the acidity?
Higher acidity
Overlap of atoms of similar size results in a (higher/lower) bond strength?
Lewis acid
accepts electon pair
(acid accepts)
Lewis base
donates electron pair
Higher s character means better positive interaction because __________________
the electron closer to nucleus, thus the electronegativity is higher and the acidity is higher.
Ka =
-log(subscript 10)Ka
A strong acid ionizes completely. T/F
Acids are _______ donors.
Acids are proton donors.
Acids produce ____ in aqueous solutions.
Acids produce H+ in aqueous solutions.
Acids are ______ acceptors.
Acids are electron acceptors.
Acids have a pH ______ than 7.
Acids have a pH less than 7.
The larger the Ka the ______the acid.
The larger the Ka, the weaker the acid.
______ bases ionize completely.
Strong bases ionize completely.
Bases accept ______.
Bases accept protons.
Bases produce ____ in aqueous solutions.
Bases produce OH- in aqueous solutions.
Bases have a pH ______ than 7.
Bases have a pH greater than 7.
Higher electonegativity = _______ acidity.
Higher electronegativity = higher acidity.
Lower bond association energy = ______ acidity.
Lower bond association energy = higher acidity.
Similar sized atoms have _______ bond strength.
Similar sized atoms have stronger bond size.
AH +B-= A- + BH
Conj acid?
10^(-pKa) of reactant/10^(-pKa) of product =