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KeynotesQ: Acids (#1)
KeynotesQ: Acids (#1)
KeynotesQ: Acids (#2)
KeynotesA: Intense struggle followed by collapse
KeynotesQ: Acids (#3)
KeynotesA: Pressured, hurried, active, restless, industrious; hectic, collapse, exhaustion, prostration
RubricQ: Contains at least 4 acids (#1)
RubricA: Mind, Ailments from, alone, being (42)
RubricsQ: Contains at least 4 acids (#2)
RubricsA: Mind, confusion of mind, mental exertion, from: agg (50)
RubricsQ: Contains at least 4 acids (#3)
RubricsA: Skin, ulcers, foul (50)
RubricsQ: Contains at least 4 acids (#4)
RubricsA: Ears, discharges, general, fetid (35)
RubricsQ: Contains at least 4 acids (#5)
RubricsA: Sleep, sleeplessness, general, mental exertion, after (23)
KeynotesQ: Domineering, materialistic, sexual preoccupation
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Lascivious thoughts
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Excessive sexual desire; promiscuity
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Hurried (Tarent, Sulph ac)
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Extremely warm; worse heat
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Feet hot and must be uncovered
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Coryza; copious watery DC
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Falling of hair; alopecia areata
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Varicose veins; often painful
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Distortion or weakness of the nails
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Migratory arthritis
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Cold sensation in the teeth
KeynotesA: Fluoricum acidum
SankaranEssenceQ: Tremendous effort towards breaking relationship
SankaranEssenceA: Fluoric acid
FearsThenRemsQ: Suffering
FearsThenRemsA: Fluoricum acidum
RemsThenFearsQ: Fluoricum acidum
RemsThenFearsA: Suffering
DelusionsQ: Betrothal must be broken
DelusionsA: Fluoric acid
DelusionsQ: Must dissolve marriage
DelusionsA: Fluoric acid
DelusionsQ: Thinks he must drive children out of his house
DelusionsA: Fluoric acid
DelusionsQ: Must get rid of servants
DelusionsA: Fluoric acid
DelusionsQ: Repulsive fantastic imagination
DelusionsA: Fluoric acid (2)
FoodCravingsQ: Fluoric acid
FoodCravingsA: Fresh, Alcohol (3); Spices (3); Sour (FASS) (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 86)
FoodAversionsQ: Fluoric acid
FoodAversionsA: Sour (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 86)
TemperatureQ: Fluoric acid
TemperatureA: Very warm, worse heat
ComplementsQ: Fluoric acid
ComplementsA: Silica
KeynotesQ: Nausea of pregnancy, <A.M., w/excess salivation
KeynotesA: Lactic acid
KeyWordQ: Diabetes & rheumatic pain
KeyWordA: Lactic acid
FoodCravingsQ: Lactic acid
FoodCravingsA: Porridge; Milk; Sweet; Buttermilk; Sour (PMS BS) (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 82)
FoodAversionsQ: Lactic acid
FoodAversionsA: Sweet, Sour (SS) (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 82)
KeynotesQ: Affinity for blood (septic)
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Concordant p1085)
KeynotesQ: Mouth and anus chiefly affected
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Conc p 1085)
KeynotesQ: Affects BLOOD, MUSCLES (HEART, ANUS), MUCOUS MEMBRANES (MOUTH, digestive tract), TONGUE, brain
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Conc p 1085)
KeynotesQ: Loud moaning; muttering - or suffers in silence
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Conc p 1085)
KeynotesQ: Dark or glowing red face (esp. walking in open air)
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Conc p 1086)
KeynotesQ: Better Motion, Lying on left side, Warmth (MLW)
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Conc p 1089)
KeynotesQ: Worse touch, wet weather, walking
KeynotesA: Muriatic acid (Conc p 1089)
EssencesQ: Muriatic acid
EssencesA: Physical over-activity or fever followed by collapse
SankaranEssenceQ: Has to constantly nurture others; gets exhausted
SankaranEssenceA: Muriatic acid
SankaranEssenceQ: Muriatic acid
SankaranEssenceA: Has to constantly nurture others; gets exhausted
FearsThenRemsQ: Water; Alone; Danger; Failure; Accidents; Death of Family (WAD FAD)
FearsThenRemsA: Muriatic acid (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 91)
<HC1>WAD FAD%RemsThenFearsQ: Muriatic acid
RemsThenFearsA: Water; Alone; Danger; Failure; Accidents; Death of Family (WAD FAD) (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 91)
<HC1>SS FS%FoodCravingsQ: Muriatic acid
FoodCravingsA: Salt; Sour; Fish; Starch (SS FS) (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 91)
<HC1>SSM Cf%FoodAversionsQ: Muriatic acid
FoodAversionsA: Citrus fruit; Sour; Sauerkraut; Meat (Cf SSM) (Scholten, H&tE, pg. 91)
KeynotesQ: Anxiety about health (Sulph, Phos)
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Fear cancer and death
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Irritable and peevish, worse A.M.
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Holds grudges; unmoved by apology
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Hard person with suffering etched on face
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Nihilism; Pessimism; depression
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Cursing
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Stitching or splinter-like pains
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Eruptions, herpes, warts around corners of mouth
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Crave fat and salt
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Hemorrhoids with great pain after stool for hours
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Rectal warts
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Genital warts (Nat Sulph, Thuj, Sep)
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Foul smelling urine like horse
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Cracks at bends of joints; cracks on fingers
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
KeynotesQ: Warts (Thuja)
KeynotesA: Nitric acid
EssencesQ: Nitric acid
EssencesA: Negativity and pessimism
SankaranEssenceQ: Constant effort to ward off and fight danger
SankaranEssenceA: Nitric acid
SankaranEssenceQ: Nitric acid
SankaranEssenceA: Constant effort to ward off and fight danger
FearsThenRemsQ: Antidoting remedy, CANCER, Poverty, Aids, DEATH (AC PAD)
FearsThenRemsA: Nitric acid
<HC1>AC PAD%RemsThenFearsQ: Nitric acid
RemsThenFearsA: Antidoting remedy, CANCER; Poverty, Aids, DEATH (AC PAD)
DelusionsQ: Elevated in air
DelusionsA: Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: Increasing and decreasing images
DelusionsA: Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: Disappearing and reappearing images
DelusionsA: Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: Running images
DelusionsA: Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: Engaged in a law suit
DelusionsA: Nitric acid (2)
DelusionsQ: Talking irrationally
DelusionsA: Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: Surrounded by strangers
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla (3); Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: Sees specters during chill
DelusionsA: Nitric acid
SidednessQ: Nitric acid
SidednessA: Left (Scholten: HaM, pg. 152)
<HC1>BC FISH%FoodCravingsQ: Nitric acid
FoodCravingsA: Bread; Cheese; FAT (#1); Inedibles; SALTY; Herring (BC FISH)
<HC1>BCE%FoodAversionsQ: Nitric acid
FoodAversionsA: Bread; Cheese; Eggs (BCE)
TemperatureQ: NITRIC ACID
TemperatureA: Very Chilly
<HC1>ACL%ComplementsQ: Nitric acid
ComplementsA: Arsenicum, Calcarea Carb, Lachesis (ACL)
ImportantRubricsQ: Warts on the face
ImportantRubricsA: Caust, Nitr acid
<HC1>PACK Cu PANS%ImportantRubricsQ: Anxiety about health
ImportantRubricsA: Phos, Ars, Calc carb, Kali Ars, Cuprum, Phellandrium, Argent nit, Nit ac, Sulph (PACK Cu PANS)
KeynotesQ: Symptoms worse thinking about them
KeynotesA: Oxalic acidum
KeynotesQ: Pain in spots
KeynotesA: Oxalic acidum
KeynotesQ: Angina pains, sharp and stitching
KeynotesA: Oxalic acidum
KeynotesQ: Numbness of arm with cardiac disease
KeynotesA: Oxalic acidum
RubricQ: Oxalic acid (#1)
RubricA: Mind, striking, striking children, one's own
RubricQ: Oxalic acid (#2)
RubricA: Head, pain, sore, spots
RubricQ: Oxalic acid (#3)
RubricA: Stomach, heartburn, evening
RubricQ: Oxalic acid (#4)
RubricA: Larynx and trachea, Voice changed
RubricQ: Oxalic acid (#5)
RubricA: Chest, pain, lower chest, left
KeynotesQ: Ailments from grief, sorrow, care, with drowsiness (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Ailments from homesickness, with drowsiness (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Ailments from disappointed or unhappy love, with drowsiness (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Indifference and apathy, with emaciation and weakness (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Indifference, apathy to affairs of life (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Diarrhea after solid food (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Urine milky, curdled (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Tickling cough on talking (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
KeynotesQ: Ulcers at joints (Complete)
KeynotesA: Phosphoric acid
EssencesQ: Collapse following grief or loss of fluids
EssencesA: Phosphoric acid
EssencesQ: Phosphoric acid
EssencesA: Collapse following grief or loss of fluids
SankaranEssenceQ: Must constantly care for others to be loved/accepted
SankaranEssenceA: Phosphoric acid
SankaranEssenceQ: Phosphoric acid
SankaranEssenceA: Must constantly care for others to be loved/accepted
DelusionsQ: Hears clock strike
DelusionsA: Phosphoric acid
DelusionsQ: Hearing objects moving
DelusionsA: Phosphoric acid
DelusionsQ: She must look out under her forehead
DelusionsA: Phosphoric acid
DelusionsQ: Standing on head with bed tilted
DelusionsA: Phosphoric acid (2)
<HC1>PhosphoRic acid%SidednessQ: Phosphoric acid
SidednessA: Right (Scholten: HaM, pg. 131)
FoodCravingsQ: Phosphoric acid
<HC1>SFS%FoodAversionsQ: Phosphoric acid
FoodAversionsA: Salt; Fish; Sour (SFS) (Scholten, HaM, pg. 131)
TimeAggQ: Phosphoric acid
TimeAggA: < 9 pm (Scholten, HaM, pg. 131)
KeynotesQ: Amorous dreams with erections/priapism (persistent, painful erection) (Complete)
KeynotesA: Picric acid
KeynotesQ: Troublesome, excessive erections during lascivious thoughts (Complete)
KeynotesA: Picric acid
KeynotesQ: Convulsive motions of legs on attempting to use them (Complete)
KeynotesA: Picric acid
EssencesQ: Picric acid
EssencesA: Collapse following mental over-activity
DelusionsQ: Reach the clouds when going to sleep
DelusionsA: Picric acid
DelusionsQ: Faces reaching the clouds when going to sleep
DelusionsA: Picric acid
DelusionsQ: Tongue reaches clouds on falling asleep
DelusionsA: Picric acid
KeynotesQ: Hurriedness (Tarent #1, Fluor ac)
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum (#2)
KeynotesQ: Worse fumes and car exhaust
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Tendency to bruising
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Painful aphthae
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Desire brandy
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Averse to water without liquor
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum
KeynotesQ: Bruising and echymoses; follows arnica in acutes
KeynotesA: Sulphuricum acidum
EssencesQ: Hurriedness; collapse follows activity
EssencesA: Sulphuricum acidum
EssencesQ: Sulphuricum acidum
EssencesA: Hurriedness; collapse follows activity
SankaranEssenceQ: Constant need to make effort that leads to exhaustion
SankaranEssenceA: Sulphuric acid
SankaranEssenceQ: Sulphuric acid
SankaranEssenceA: Constant need to make effort that leads to exhaustion
FoodCravingsQ: Sulphuric acid
FoodCravingsA: Alcohol, esp. brandy
FoodAversionsQ: Sulphuric acid
FoodAversionsA: WATER unless alcohol added to it
TimeAggQ: Sulphuric acid
TimeAggA: < 5am and 9 pm (Scholten, HaM, pg 127)
ComplementsQ: Sulphuric acid
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Arnica montana
ImportantRubricsQ: Worse smoke
ImportantRubricsA: Spig (#1), Sulph acid, Nat Ars
ImportantRubricsQ: Hurried
ImportantRubricsA: Tarent (#1), Sulph acid (#2); Fluoric acid
<HC1>KLST BAND%ImportantRubricsQ: Allergic to everything
ImportantRubricsA: Kali I, Lach, Sulph Ac, Tub; Blatta, Ars, Nux v, Dulc (KLST BAND)