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Which cation is required as a cofactor?
Magnesium, for enzymatic reactions including phosphorylation of glucose within cells and the use of ATP
The skeletal apparatus contains app how much PO4
It has app 740g of PO4
What is the PO4 conc of the plasma?
1.8-2.6 meql
Po4 ion reabsorption along the PCT is stimulated by calcitriol
What is the most abundant anion in ECF?
Cl- Plasma conc ranges from 100-108 meq/l
The body contains 3 general categories of acids. What are they?
Volatile acids
fixed acids
organic acids
What happens when Co2 reacts with H2O?
Carbonic acid is formed, which will eventually dissociate into H+ and HCO3 ions
What is the difference between a fixed and a volatile acid?
Fixed acids do not leave sol'n. Volatile acids do leave sol'n.
What are the two most important fixed acids?
H2SO4 and H2PO4. Created from AA metabolism
Name an organic acid for this category?
Lactic acid- from anaerobic metabolism of pyruvate and ketone bodies synthesized from Acetyl-CoA
What do protein buffers depend on?
On the ability of AA to respond to pH changes by accepting ot releasing H+ ions.
If pH climbs, how does the carboxl group respond?
The COOH group of the AA can dissociate acting as a weak acid by releasing a H+ ion
If pH goes down, it will accept a H+ ion.
How does the hemoglobin buffer system work?
RBC s and their cytoplasm have large amounts carbonic anhydrase. They absorb CO2 from the plasma and convert it to H2CO3.
What is the chloride shift?
As the H2CO3 dissociates, the HCO3 ions diffuse into the plasma in exchange for Cl ions. H+ ions are buffered by hemoglobin molecules
What is a respiratory acid base disorder?
It is a mismatch between CO2 generation in peripheral tissues, and CO2 excretion at the lungs. CO2 at ECF level is abnormal.
What is respiratory acidosis?
The resp system cannot eliminate all the CO2 generated by peripheral tissues. Low pH is hypercapnia.