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What is Chucklebot's sexual orientation?
Philippe's body is possessed by the soul of which British rock musician?
Billy Idol
Where does Roast Beef meet Molly for the first time?
In heaven
What is the title of Roast Beef's zine?
Man Why You Even Got To Do A Thing
What is the name of Mr. Bear's English pub?
The Dude and Catastrophe
Ray's father won which open air sporting event in 1973?
The Great Outdoor Fight
What do Philippe's talking sneakers say?
"Here Comes a Special Boy"
How old is Philippe?
5 years old
Where was Molly born?
In Wales
What is the name of Ray's music label?
Prime Time Records
What kind of dogs must the cats of Achewood avoid?
Magreaux dogs
Scared of pregnancy,Philippe tries to marry what?
A flower
What is the name of Philippe's female otter friend?
Ultra Peanut
How does Philippe's french fry friend die?
In a rollerskating accident
What is Roast Beef's last name?
What is Roast Beef's brother's name?