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18th century European cts preferred opera: buffa or seria?
Which family held a monopoly on music printing in France for most of the 18th century?
What 2 cities did publishing by engraving start in?
London and Amsterdam
What was the preferred method of printing simple music?
How did Italian opera become widely popular if it was not printed?
handwritten copies
T/F: Self-tutoring music publications began in the 18th century
Why were more resources available to amateur musicians than before?
publishing industry grew w/engraving, more musical instruments produced
What 2 goals were German and Austrian "ntl" theaters founded for?
improve society and German language
Which 2 German playrights directed plays at the middle class to improve morality?
Moses Mendelssohn, Gotthold Lessing
3 root ideas of Enlightenment:
rationalism (F), skepticism (F), empiricism (E)
Which thinker said in his Essay on Man "The proper study of mankind is man"?
Alexander Pope
____ was a practice of systematically lengthening and shortening note lengths practiced by Couperin
Inegalite or Inequality
18th century French composers valued ____ more than _____
sensibility, virtuosity
Couperin would rather be astonished or moved by music?
Preferred texture of S and D
S and D preferred the ___ (instruments) to the ___
orchestra, keyboard
Usually, in what form were Scarlatti's keyboard compositions?>
Scarlatti's works had how many movements
Couperin taught the French royal family how to play the ___
2 instruments Couperin most famous for
harpsichord and organ
Rococo is a reaction against the ___, is more delicate and light
Rococo comes from the word rocaille, meaning ____
rock work
Where did the rococo originate?
In Mozart's String Quintet, the "conversation" between the ___ and the ___ is an example of "redendes Prinzip"
1st violin, 1st (2nd) Viola
Texture of beginning of S. Quintet
Beginning of slow movement of S. QUintet sounds like what?
When and where did the ES begin
N Germany, mid 1700s
Speaking style produced a more ___ texture than that found in baroque
Combination of different styles was chiefly characteristic of ___ compositions
Right before the end of String Q, Mozart uses what texture
Change from baroque to galant happened for what 2 reasons?
social, aesthetic
what texture results when 2 different, simultaneous melodies are performed in the same rhythm?
polyphonic, homorhythmic
type of binary form where 1st section is played again at the end
What is phonation
production of sound thru vocal cords
T/F: Pitches produced on a brass instrument depend on valves
Saxophone is a (single or double) reed instrument
Difference between bass drum and snare drum
bass larger and lower, snare has metal strings on bottom, so rattles
To what 3 notes is a set of timpani tuned?
tonic, dominant, and subdominant of piece
Non-string instruments that may be played by bow are part of this family
___ are percussive instruments w/ no membrane
what 2 groups are percussion instruments divided
pitched, unpitched
viola is smaller/larger than violincello
4 standard notes to which violin strings are tuned
G3, D4, A4, E5
2 other names for the double bass
upright, string
Woodwinds are a part of this family
aerophones (wind instruments)
Most common type of orchestral clarinet
___ is determined by the number of beats per measure and length of those beats
Notes in a G major scale triad built on B
B, D, F sharp
T/F: A ternary form results when the sections in ABA are open
T/F: trachea is same as voice box
4 main parts of the larynx
ligaments, muscles, cartilage, hyoid
part of brass instrument used to control air flow
lowest pitched instrument (2 names)
double bassoon, contrabassoon