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Define Assets
Future values or resources owned by a business
Define Balance Sheet
A financial statement that reflects position of business of a point in time
Define CPA
a recognized, professional accountant who provides auditing, tax consultation and advisory services.
Define Corporation
multiple-owner organization recognized as a seperate legal entity.
Define Earnings
the excess of revenue after expenses
Define Expenses
goods or services consumed in operating a business
Define Financial Accounting
Account info for internal and external users.
Define Financial Statements
Out or end product of the accounting system; a concise picture of the profitability and financial condition of a business entity.
Define GAAP
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
set of ground rules that have received substantial support from an authoritative source.
Define Income statement
A financial statement that reflects results of business for a certain period of time.
Define Liability
amount owed by a business
Define Limited Liability
Owners are not liable for a majority of the business
Define Mutual Agency
All partners' responsibility for an individuals partner's business
Define Partnership
an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners of a business that is not organized as a corporation
Define Profitability
Measure of a company's ability to generate earnings from its available sources.