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What amount would be reported for sale of land that had appreciated in value. (ie. cost less than the selling price)
What it's sold for
Vertical analysis
Percentage of sales
Horizontal analysis
Last year to this year
Solvency means..
how you can pay your debts
Leverage means...
how musch debt you have
Current ratio
Liquidity of current assets to current liabilities
What would an increase in the collection of Accounts Receivable do to the Accounts Receivable Turnover?
It would increase
(Stock)(What it earns)
Primary criterion for managerial reports
Meet managers needs
3 costs of manufactured products
Direct materials, direct labor, and FOH
Journal entry for direct materials into production
Debit Work in Process, Credit direct materials
Product cost treated ass what type of account until sold
3-Cost behavior classifications
Fixed, variable, mixed
Identify cost behavior
Cost changes in relation to activity base
Relevant Range used for...
Operating decisions