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bill of lading
a contract that defines legal responsibility for shipping, should be pre numbered
sales order
sales order created by sales department, should be prenumbered
remittance advice
attached to sales invoice and sent in with payment
bank reconciliation
should be independently completed by someone independent of the cash receipts process
purchase requisition
developed within the shop, dept, requiring materials or service
purchase order
developed by the purchasing department, document sent to the supplier
receiving report
document showing the receipt of goods from the supplier
suppliers invoice
invoice from the supplier
business form used to document expenditure
bill of materials
a document that lists the type and quantity of materials needed to complete a job
materials requisition form
a form that lists the type and quantity of materials to be drawn from the storeroom
time ticket
workers track their time using a document called a time ticket
job cost sheet
a form the accounting department uses to record items to a job