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cross-border financing
Occurs when a company sells its securities in the capital markets of another country.
exchange rate
the amount it costs to purchase on unit of currency with another currency
selling a good or service to a foreign customer in a foreign country
foreign trade zones
goods imported into these designated US areas are duty free until they leave the zone
future contracts
a contract given the right to receive a specified quantity of foreign currency at a future date
occurs as managers become aware of and engage in cross border trade and operations
global sourcing
the close coordination of R&D, manufacturing, and marketing across national boundaries
harmonization of accounting standards
the standardization of accounting methods and principles used in different counntries throughout the world
the practice of minimizing or eliminating risk of loss associated with foreign currency fluctuations
international joint venture
a company owned by two or more companies from different countries
international licencing
a contractual agreement between a company and a foreign party allowing the use of trade marks, patents, technology, designs, processes, intellectual property, or other proprietary advantage
market economies
exist when ownership of land and the means of production are private and markets dictate the allocation of resources and the output among segments of the economy
wholly owned international subsidiary
created through a company's foreign direct investment; using domestically generated funds in another country to purchase 100 percent equity control of a foreign subsidiary