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collection & entry of data into info system

transactions (source doc)
turn raw data into info, record, classify, sort, analyze, and verify data

journalize, post to gen led, compute acct bals, worksheet
maintage of data for future use

journals, ledgers (gen & subsid) WS
delivery of info to users in useful form

financial statements
Info for the user needs should be...
1. understandable
2. relevent to user
3. timely
4. reliable
5. worth the cost of generating
Analysis phase of system development
focus on user needs and must asses info value in terms of the user
designing an info system
best meets user's needs
implementing info system
run in parallel with existing system
feedback from info systems
users provide... used to analyze performance and improve it
Internal control
safeguard assets
generate accurate business info
operate efficiently and effectively
insure company policies are followed
Control Envirnoment
Internal control

over attitude, awareness, and actions of internal groups

Risk Assessment
Internal Control

comp's ability to identify, evaluate, and manage risks to advoid them.
Info and communication systems
Internal Control

identify, record, summarize, and report info (from all other internal control elements)to evaluate performance and operations, identify problems, and make decisions