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a servis ferebantur
They were being carried by slaves
summa celeritate
with the greatest speed, as fast as possible
concurso, are, avi atus
to run to and fro
is (being) carried
remember this is a passive verb
delecto, are, avi, atus
to delight
mendicus, i
masc. beggar
elegantissimus, a, um
most elegant (this is a superlative)
adstantes, adstantium
masc pl., bystanders
rixa, ae
fem. quarrel
finis, finis
masc. end (gen. pl., finium)
libertus, i
gen sing. of ipse, ipsa, ipsum "himself, herself, itself"
fumus, i
masc. smoke
recumbo, recumbere, recumbui
to recline, lie down
aufugio, aufugere, aufugi
to run away, escape
homo obesus
fat man