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Who coined the term "akalkulia" when describing disturbances in calculation associated with brain damage?
Which is more common, primary acalculia or secondary acalculia?
Hecaen proposed a classification system for acalculias based on presumed mechanism of disorder. What are his 3 classes of acalculia?
acalculia associated with alexia and agraphia for numbers, acalculia of the spatial type, anarithmetria
In ability to read or write numbers strongly suggests ___(right/left___ parietal lesion, but does not rule out involvement of the __(right/left)___ hemisphere.
left, right
Alexia for arithmetical signs with preserved reading of numbers is often associated with focal lesions in which hemisphere? in which lobes?
left; parietal or temporo-occipital
The spatial type of acalculia suggests post-rolandic lesion of which hemisphere?
Gerstmann's syndrome is associated with what 4 features?
agraphia, right-left disorientation, finger agnosia, acalculia
Gerstmann's syndrome is associated with which type of alcalculia - anarithmetria, spatial type, both, neither
both anarithmetria and spatial type alcalculia
Alcalculia of the spatial type generally is associated with ___(visual-constructive/auditory-verbal)___ impairments.
visual-constructive. The right hemisphere is implicated and is rare with left hemisphere lesions.
___________ processing involves the ability to read or write individual numbers and ___________ processing involves the ability to combine numbers into the correct form and quantity.
Lexical, syntactic
Acalculia associated with alexia and agraphia, acalculia of the spatial type, and anarithmetria are most commonly associated with deficits in which hemisphere, respectively?
left hemisphere; right hemisphere; left hemisphere and bilateral involvement