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Toward which part of the Chinese political system did Voltaire express great admiration?
The use of civil service exams to determine access to government positions.
Which two social theorists mentioned by USAD were harshly critical of China's political order?
Karl Marx and Max Weber
Which year is considered to mark the beginning of the Imperial Order?
221 B.C.
What was the first ruling group concerning which we have extensive written records?
Zhou (1050 B.C. -256 B.C.)
During which dynasty did Confucianism become the official ideology?
Han (206 B.C.-A.D. 220)
What is Tian?
Men who had been castrated to be eligible for service keeping order in the emperor's household were called _______.
Who was Zheng He?
A 14th century navigator who hailed from a poor family.
What is another name for Mandate of Heaven?
Who said that heaven "sees with the eyes and hears with the ears of the people" ?
Who did not belong to a social class?
What do "rou" "jirou" & "niurou" mean?
Pork, chicken meat, beef
Which ethnic group do 90% of chinese belong to?
Besides China proper, what two countries does Manchuria share a border with?
Siberia, Korea
What does Qing mean?
What type of bureaucratic structure did the Qing dynasty set up?
Dual bureaucratic structure
Bannner system included which kinds of leaders?
leaders w/military skills that were chosen from specific ethnic groups & families w/ties to the imperial house.
What year was the rising of the Eight Trigrams sect and how many people died?
1813; 70,000
Xinjiang is also known as
Chinese Turkestan
When did the White Lotus Rebellion occur?
When did the Opium War start and when did the Treaty of Nanjing take effect?
1839; 1843
Name the five original treaty ports.
Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangshou
When did the Sino-Japanese war start?
Why was the Sino-Japanese war fought?
To decide who would have control of Korea.
Where were the Boxers from?
Villages in North China
What does the character "young" mean?
When was the Taiping Uprising?
Who was the leader of the Taiping Uprising?
Hong Xiuquan
What is "Hakka"?
It is an ethnic grop which literally means "guest people". They are from north China.
Who was inaugurated president of the ROC on January 1, 1912?
Sun Zhongshan
Which leader pushed Sun from presidency in 1912?
Yuan Shikai
Where did Sun Zhongshan set up operations as the head of the Nationalist Party?
What was Xin Qingnian?
A journal that became central organ in the "New Culture Movement". It means New Youth.
When did the New Culture Movement take place?
When did protests begin because Shangdong Province was given over to Japan during the Paris Peace Conference?
May 4, 1919
Where did the May 4 movement take place in 1919 and how many students participated?
Beijing; 3,000
When members of all all urban social classes joined the students and the May 4th protest reached its climax in June, which city's economic life was paralyzed?
What year did the Russian Revolution occur?
Who were Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao?
radical professors and CCP's early leaders
Why did Sun Zhoungshan partner up with CCP in 1924?
to oppose the twin evils of warlord power and foregin engroachments on Chinese sovereignty
What key event that occured in 1925 increased CCP's impact on Chinese politics?
Chinese worker was slain in a Japanese mill and workers of the foreign run police force fired into a crowd of demonstrators which lead to the May 30th Movement
When did the anti imperialist movement occur which evolved from a single city protest to a national one that peaked with a Shanghai general strike?
*hint: similar to may 4th
May 30, 1925
What did the Northern Expedition campaign do?
It militarily unified China and ousted the warlords from power.
The joind GMD-CCP army was lead by _____ _____.
Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek)
What city became the capital of the ROC in 1925 after Jiang Jieshi became president of the ROC?
Who had control of China from 1927 to 1937?
Who had control of much of China from 1937 to 1945?
Which part of China did the Communists govern from 1945 to 1949?
North China
What is Jiang Jieshi's nickname?
Who is Song Meiling?
She is Sun's wife who married Jiang Jieshi.
Who helped Jiang Jieshi purge Communist Party members in April of 1927?
The Green Gang
What did the New Life Movement do? (started by Jian Jieshi in 1930's)
It called for a revival of Conficianism as the official creed.
Where was the CCP's headquarters in the south before the Long March?
When did the Long March occur?
When did Japan gain control of Taiwan?
Who had control of much of China from 1937 to 1945?
What is Jiang Jieshi's nickname?
Marco Polo Bridge Incident occured near which city?
How long did the Second United Front last?
8 years
Who had control of much of China from 1937 to 1945?
Which movements followed after Japan made menacing moves that seemed to presage a full-scale invasion of N. China in 1935?
December 9 Movement
Which 2 events made Jiang Jieshi change course and unite w/ the CCP for the second time?
Xi'an Incident of 1936 and Japanese invasions of 1937
How many Chinese were killed and how many women raped during the Rape of Nanjing?
200,000-300,000 killed; 20,000 raped
Where did the Nationalists set up their wartime government when pushed out of Nanjing?
Chongqing (Sichuan Province)
Where were the Communists based when the Japanese occupied China?
Shaanxi, with main wartime center in the northern village of Yan'an.
When did the Civil War occur in China?