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I never believed in love at first sight. Actually, thinking that I would ever fall in love was hard for me to believe. Watching movies like The Notebook or Dear John always made me laugh. Friends would call me evil, and they would tell me that I had a heart made with stone. The word love always made me feel uncomfortable. That was until September 18th, 2010.
I remember the first time that I saw him. He was the perfect shade of brown; his skin color reminded me of a glass of decaf coffee with about 3 creams. He was tall, but as time went on I noticed that he sometimes seemed a little shorter than usual. What I liked about him the most was his personality. I mean, he was calm and he was polite, but his face screamed IF YOU MESS WITH ME, I WILL GET YOU.
On the second day of school, my teacher Mr. Seiznem put everyone into pairs for the 2012 class seating arrangement. When he said the names, “SERENITY AND AHAMAY,” my heart immediately skipped a beat. I knew that we were just going to be tablemates, but just thinking about sitting next to him for the rest of the year was enough to make a sad girl happy. Ahamay seemed as if he really didn’t care about the new seating arrangements, but I knew that he secretly did.
Seeing that we had nothing else to do in class, Ahamay and I began to talk to each other. I learned that he was from Buena Park, California and that he could speak Italian and Latin fluently. He also told me that he was adopted at birth and had never met his biological parents. He said that he had never been able to accept the fact that his parents did not want him. Seeing him sad made me angry! Ahamay thinks that no one loves him and no one wants him, I thought to myself, but I do.
During the middle of the school year, Ahamay and I began to spend time together after school. Seconds together turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, and hours together led to an obsession. Even though we loved each other, Ahamay and I would get into a ton of arguments. He hated how I never listened, and I hated how he always thought that he was right. But even though he annoyed me 75 percent of the time, he always found a way to make my day better. When I was sad, he made me happy, and when I was angry, he calmed me down.
We took our relationship to the next level when we went on our trip to Los Angeles. Ahamay and I spent a week together in the City of Angeles, and over the course of that week we fell more and more in love with each other every day.
When we came back to Chicago, because Spring Break was over, my grades began to PLUMIT. Straight As turned into 4 A’s and 3 B’s, and my parents thought that Ahamay was the problem. They told me that I had one month to get my grades back to normal or Ahamay and I were history. Just thinking about having him yanked away from me was enough to spark a fume in my body. My grades were back to normal after 3 weeks.
My cousin always told me that you know when you’re in love when you think about someone every second of the day. This was the case with Ahamay. So was I experiencing the love thing that all of my friends were talking about? Did I fall prey to the one thing that made me the most uncomfortable? Then something said, YES SERENITY YOU DID! YOU DID FALL PREY TO THE ONE THING THAT MADE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE! YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH AHAMAY! Also known as Yamaha. Better known, as my Cello.