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In the composition "Zhuzhi Ci" [track 1] what element was unearthed from the tomb of Marquis Yi?
The Bells
How many parts does "Zhuzhi Ci" have?
which instrument has the lowest pitch: Dahu, Erhu, or Gehu?
Dahu,pitched an octave lower than the Erhu, it is also the largest.
What is "linearity"?
According to USAD: "an emphais on melodic tension and release supported by or held in further tension by rhythmic devices"
After instruments were incorporated, the "Xianghe ge" song form evolved into what?
the "We ge"
What is a "primary consideration" in East Asian music?
According to pipa player Liu Fang, what should musicians master?
Playing with the right and left hands
What is Classical Chinese music "closely related to"?
Chinese Poetry
According to legend, pitch was determined by the cutting of bamboo tubes known as what?
lus [double dots on the "u"]
What were the early pitch pipes "lus" supposed to match?
The call of the phoenix
What was the name of the music master "sent to the western mountains to make bamboo pitch pipes"?
Ling Lun
What is Chinese pop music known as?
What is Peking or Beijing opera known as in Chinese?
Ching-hsi or Ching-chu [two dots on the u]
When and by what group was Peking opera founded?
Founded in the 1790s by actors from Anhwei province
What instruments are featured in Peking Opera?
Erhu, ku (barrel drums with tacked heads), suong (double reed instrument with conical barrel and ball), cymbals, gongs and pan-ku (drum with a hollow spot)
What does "Daqu" mean?
Big tunes
What is "Xianghe ge"?
unaccompanied song sung by one person with others joining in as the song progressed
What were the official offices of music?
Music Conservatory and Fengchang
What was the purpose of the Fengchang?
in charge of ritual music
What was the purpose of the Shaofu?
office charged with finding ways to amuse the emperor, the Music Conservatory was included here
What was the purpose of the Music Conservatory?
part of the Shaofu, collected local dances and songs for the emperor
What was Ya Yue?
a ritual system fo highly structured rites and music, created by the Zhou Dynast but based on Shang traditions
Who composed "crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" music?
Tan Dun
What Western musical group spent time in Asia studying music?
The Beatles
What was "the Chinese view of music"?
"A means of reflecting order in the universe"
What type of music grew much during the Tang Dynasty?
Court music
What dynasty was known for "internationalism"?
the Tang
What is transperency?
Only one part per instrument as opposed to having a "vertical mergin of lines into harmony"
According to the "Eight Sounds" principle what are the classifications of instruments?
metal, stone, earth, silk, wood, leather, gourd, bamboo
From what style of song did Chinese Rock music find its basis?
Xibeifeng, "Northwest Wind" rooted in folk song tradition of the northern Shaanxi province
In what style of Western music is the idea of Transparency most evident?
Chamber music or other small ensembles--single instrument to a part
What was characteristic of the "international period"?
4th-9th century, infusion of foreign musical styles with Chinese traditional ones
What type of music was collected by the Music Conservatory?
Which of these was NOT a "horseback instrument": Pipa, clapper, gong, bili, or zheng?
What musical element is MOST important in Peking Opera?
Clapper opera emphasized clappers and what other instrument family?
How did the rise of communism change operatic styles in China?
themes went from tales of princes and enchantment to oppressed workers rising
What is the "huang Chung"?
The fundamental pitch of Chinese tonal system
What is the term for Chinese tonal framework?
anhemitonic pentatonic
How many forms are there in the Chinese pentatonic scale system?
How many tones in western music?
Where would Guongdong music be performed?
What is the Ichigenkin?
a one-stringed Japanese instrument
What does Ya Yue mean?
old music
What new genre of folk music emerged during the Sui and Tang dynasties?
What was Guongdong?
a type of instrumental music influenced by Cantonese opera, jazz and Western classical music
What was Zaju?
a poetic dramatic form from the Tang
In Chinese opera different colors represent what?
different characters
According to Confucius what was the purpose of music?
to purify and further establish social hierarchy
What is "busking"?
playing on the streets in China
Bamboo flutes are appropriate for what season?
Which emperor outlawed music?
Qin Shih Huang-Ti, First Emperor Qin in 212 BC
What dynasty was known as the "Age of Sorcery"?
The Shang
What was a "scholar's instrument"?
The Qin
How many syllables are the couplets in Peking opera arias usually based on?
How many strings does the Qin have?
How many string does the Se have?
How is the GuZheng different from the GuQin?
The Guzheng has moveable bridges
What type of instrument is an Erhu?
How many strings does the Erhu have?
Who composed Madame Butterfly?
What is the Chinese influence in Mahler’s Das Lied von dere Erde?
What is orientalism?
19th century interest in Asia
What is Japoniserie?
interest in Japanese culture
what technique is used to express the waves in the Yellow River Concerto?
How is excitement created in the Yellow River Concerto?
through the use of glissandos
Where did Cantopop originate?
Hong Kong
During which dynasties was the i-yang ch'iang form prevalent?
The Ming and the Qing
What are the two typical melodies of Peking Opera?
Hsi-p'i and Erh-huang
What are characteristics of the I-yang Ch'iang operatic style?
singing, classical poetry and prose
What is the difference between Hsi-p'i and Erh-huang?
Hsi-p'i emphasizes E and A is light-hearted and for feminine arias while Erh-huang emphasizes G and C and is more serious, for male arias
In China what was a song released on the internet known as?
a "Cyber song"
What is the Chinese term for China?
Zhongguo which means "middle kingdom"
How did music change after the death of Mao Zedong?
government control on the arts lessened and global influences increased
What is the "pa yin"?
the Chinese term for the "eight sounds" classification system for instruments