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Odd-numbered extensor tendon zones lie over what anatomic structures?
Even-numbered extensor tendon zones lie over what anatomic structures?
Bony shafts
What is the preferred rehabilitation for injuries between MCP (zone 5) and forearm (zone 9)?
Early motion on postoperative day POD) 3 in a dynamic splint
How is mallet finger treated?
Volar extension splint (e.g., Stack splint)
Despite immobilization of the DIP, what should rehabilitation include?
Emphasize motion of PIP
A chronically untreated mallet finger may lead to what clinical condition?
Swan-neck deformity
What subset of mallet finger injuries requires surgery?
Bony mallet avulsion fractures with volar subluxation of the DIP joint
Relative surgical indication is a surgeon with a mallet finger who wants to return to work
What is the role of the sagittal band?
Facilitates extension of the MP joint
What is the rnost common mechanism of sagittal band rupture?
Resisted flexion injury
What digit is most commonly affected?
Long finger
What is the classic presenting complaint?
Cannot actively extend
Can maintain active extension
lf sagittal band rupture is <2 weeks old, how is it generally treated?
Extension splint of metacarpophalangeal joint (MCP) with interphalangeal (IP) joints free
If more than 2 weeks old, how is it generally treated?
Extensor centralization procedure