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An understanding of the behavior of a particular animal.
Ideographic understanding
The process of collecting and interpreting relevant information about a client or subject.
The process in which a test is administered to large group of persons whose performance then serves as a common standard or norm against which any individual's score can be measured.
A measure of the consistency of test or research results.
the accuracy of a test's or study's results;that is the extent to which any individual score can be measured.
A face to face encounter in which clinicians ask questions of clients, weigh their responses and reactions and learn about them and their psychological problems.
Clinical Interview
A set on interview questions and observations designed to reveal the degree and nature of a client's abnormal functioning.
Mental status exam
A device for gathering information about a few aspects of a person's psychological functioning from which broader information about the person can be inferred.
A test consisting of ambiguous material that people interpret or respond to
projective test
A test designed to measure broad personality characteristics consisting of statements about behaviors beliefs and feelings that people evaluate as characteristic or uncharacteristic of them.
Personality inventory
tests designed to measure a person's responses in one specific area of functioning, such as affect, social skills or cognitive processes.
Response Inventories
A test that measures physical responses as possible indicators of psychological problems.
Psychophysiological test
a test that directly measures brain structure or activity.
neurological test
Neurological tests that provide images of brain structure or brain activity including CT scans PET scans and MRI's
neuroimaging techniques
A test that detects brain impairment by measuring a person's cognitive perceptual and motor performances
Neuropsychological test