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degree to which a measurement is consistent
whether something measures what it is designed to measure
Application of certain standards to ensure consistency across different measurements
mental status exam
involves systematic observation of someone's behavior in order to determine if psychological disorder present
-involves noting/observing:
1) appearance and (overt) behavior
2) thought process (eg. rate/flow of speech, continuity of speech, speech content)
3) mood and affect
4) intellectual functioning
5) sensorium (general awareness of surroundings)
physical exam
many probs presenting as disorders of behavior/cognition/mood may, on careful physical exam, have a clear relationship to a temporary toxic state, i.e.:
1) thyroid probs (mimic anxiety/depressive disorders)
2) brain tumor (can have psychotic symptoms)
3) cocaine withdrawal (symptoms like panic attacks)
-if physical prob does exist, need to figure out if coexisting or causal
behavioral assessment and the ABCs
use observation to formally assess individual's thoughts/feelings/behavior in specific contexts
-ABCs=antecedent-behavior-consequence sequences