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anorexia nervosa
1. Refusal to maintain a normal body weight
2. intense fear of gaining weight
3. distorted body image
4. in females amenorrhea
The restricting type
(anorexia nervosa)
weight loss is accomplished by dieting, fasting or excessive exercise. There is no binging and purging
The binge -eating/purging Type (anorexia nervosa)
weight loss is accomplished by binge eating and purging during anoretic episode
Bulima Nervosa
recurrent episodes of binge eating that is accompanied by a sense of lack of control, inappropriate compensation (binging) and self evaluation influenced by body shape and size
dysthmic disorder
must be present for more days than not over a period of at least two years . Chronic less severe
major depressive disorder
depressed mood for most of the day every day for a period of at least two weeks. Can be distinguished from from normal functioning.
Alcohol withdrawl
tremors, nausea and vomiting, autonomic hyperactivity, depressed mood and irritablity, transiet illusions and hallucinations and insomnia
cocaine intoxication
euphoria, grandiosity, hypervigilance, impaired judgement, rambling and incoherent speech, perspiration, chils and the visual or tactile hallucination
caffine intoxication
psychomotor agitation, flushed face, diuresis, rambling speech and twitching.
Anorexia nervosa
fear of gaining weight. distorted body perception. onset at adolescent. Anorexic Binge eatting/purging type.
Bulima nervosa
recurrent episodes of binge eating and purging . Lack of control and compensary to lose weight such as self induced vomiting , excessive exercise or laxative or direutic use. Weight loss is not threatening.
Substance dependence
has reference to the continued use of substance in spite of the onset of signifcantly distressful cognitive, behavioral and physiological symptoms.
requires greater amounts of the substance to get desired effects/ intoxicated
symptoms characteristics of cessation of the specifc drug
Substance abuse
Reference to the development of pattern of substance use that is maladaptive )results in inability to fulfill responsibilities, use of substance in dangerous contexts, socisubstance related problems with the law or negative impact on individuals personal /social life.
Substance induce disorders
reversible, substance specific mental disorders caused by substance intoxiction and those caused by substance withdrawl.