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abl. of place ["where"]
-shows location
-uses preps "in/sub"
-no MOTION impelled
abl. of time ["when"] (more specific)
-shows WHEN something happens
-no prep in latin
-translates: on, at, during
-"veniunt (ocatava hora)= "they are coming on/at the 8th hour
abl. of time ["within which"] (less specific)
-shows within a time frame something is done
-no prep in latin
-translates: in/within/during
-"peter is leaving WITHIN 3 days"
abl. of means [with what instrument or tool] (most common)
- shows WHAT is used to do something
-never a person
-always some kind of object/instrument
-no prep in latin
-translates: "with, by (means of), in, on"
-"we came to school on the bus"
abl. of manner [how - adverbs]
-shows HOW someone does something
-may use prep "cum"
-can never be a person/animal; intangible item always!
-"he is walking with quickness"
abl. of accompaniment
-shows WITH WHOM somone does something
-uses prep "cum"
-"he is walking WITH THE FARMER"