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what is the flashpoint for JP-4?
what publication should be consulted for safety precautions?
airfields will be categorized by function to what?
1)main base
2)air facility
3)air site
4)air point
what is the flashpoint of AVGAS?
what publication should you refer to for more information on protective clothes and clean up procedures?
NAVSEA OP 4522 appendix A
what publication offers detailed information on the proper use of each particular hand tool?
what form should be used for fail protective clothing?
what is the function of hydrazine fuel (H-70)?
to power the emegency power unit(EPU) on the F-16 series aircraft
what is the estimated time period needed to heat a rocket to autoignition temperature when directly exposed to a fuel fire of approximately 1,500*F?
approximately 5mins
what are pyrotechnics?
fireworks designed for signals, warnings, lighting for photography, bombing or landing, or other special purposes
what toxic substance could be released from sonobuoys with damaged lithium batteries?
sulfur dioxide gas
at what temperature will epoxy binder ignite or decompose?
apporimately 725*F
what is epoxy?
a kind of tough, strongly adhesive glue
what highly toxic products of combustion can be generated in a fire involving fluroelastomer(viton)?
1)hydrogen fluroide
2)carbonyl fluoride
3)carbon monoxide
4)low-molecular-weight flurocarbon fragments
what is the most significant radiological hazard associated with a mishap involving nuclear weapons containing plutonium?
inhalation of alpha particles
who is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of aircraft fire extinguishing system?
the aviation structural mechanic, safety equipment
what is the most common extinguishing agent used in aircraft fire extinguishing systems?
Fluorinated hydrocarbon
what is the source of an aircraft engine fire that has a distinct sparking effect?
probably titanium in the compressor section engine core
what is the purpose of the fusible plugs incorporated in the wheel rims of an aircraft?
to automatically deflate the tires when a temperature of 400*F is reached
what is the proper way to apply water to a wheel assemble fire?
apply a water fog with an intermittent application of short bursts (5-10 seconds) every 30 seconds
what is the most satisfactory tool for cutting acrylic plastic?
the contour blade hand axe
what is the most satisfactory tool for forcible entry into fuselage areas?
the power saw equipped with metal-cutting blades