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Which Aberr. can be controlled using a base curve of back vertex?
Radial Astig.

Think - Tscherning's ellipse
Which aberration involve more than one wavelength of light?
Marginal Rays are a type of which aberr.
Longitudinal Sphe. Aberr.
Result from ON and Off axis rays
result from only OFF axis rays

Property of magnification
Radial Astigmatism
due to rays striking lens obliquely (tilt)
Teacup and saucer
FA = F tan^2 theta
Curvature of Field
Intertwined with RA
Petsval surface
image created by a system with NO RA, but is still warped due to curvature of field.

Plus lens
Minus lens
doesn't cause blur of poor res.
corret with orthochromatic dublet
Plus= pin cushion
Minus= Barrel
Chromatic aberration
results for diff. wavelengths