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signs that abdominal pain is an emergency
fever, vomiting
rebound tenderness
peritoneal signs (obturator, psoas, rebounding)
What is the gold standard diagnostic for gall bladder
hida scan
characteristics of exudative ascites include
Protein > 25 g/l
SAAG < 1.1 g/dl
Exudative ascites is indicative of
transudative ascites is indicative of
chf, cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome
Characteristics of ovarian cysts that would require hospitalization include
lower abd pain
signs of shock
Characteristics of kidney stones include
excruciating pain
intense colicky pain
flank pain that radiates to groin
persistent urge to void
Characteristics of gallbladder disease include
RUQ pain
steady severe pain
+ murphys sign
pain between shoulder blades
characteristics of appendicitis include
RLQ pain
+ Psoas
+ obturator
+ Mcburney point
John has mid epigastric pain that is worse 2-5 hours after eating, he likely has
a duodenal ulcer