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Lines interior aspect of anterolateral abdominal walls:
Parietal Peritoneum
Lines abdominal viscera (organs)
Visceral Peritoneum
Space created between Parietal and Visceral Peritoneum layers
Peritoneal cavity
What fills the Peritoneal cavity?
Parietal fluid
Abdominal cavity is part of the:
Abdominopelvic cavity
Abdominal cavity extends between:
Thoracic diaphragm and Pelvic diaphragm
What intercostal space marks the superior border of abdominal cavity?
Lines that divide the abdominal region into 9 areas:
Superior: Subcostal line
Inferior: Interspinous line
Vertical: Midclavicular lines
What are the 9 abdominal regions?
Sup: R/L Hypochondriac, Epigastric
Mid: R/L Lumbar, Umbilical
Inf: R/L Iliac, Hypogastric
Dermatome at the level of:
-Lower abdomen/pubic region
Nipple = T4
Umbilicus = T10
Ilioinguinal/hypogastric = L1
5 Contents of Right upper quadrant:
Hepatic flexure of colon
Pyloric region of stomach
Small intestine (part)
5 Contents of Left upper quadrant:
Left lobe of Liver
Splenic flexure of colon
Portion of small intestine
5 Contents of Right lower quadrant:
Ascending colon
Small intestine (part)
Right ovary/fallopian tube
Ureter (right)
5 Contents of Left lower quadrant:
Descending colon
Sigmoid colon
Left Ovary/fallopian tube
Ureter (left)
Sm. intestine (part)
Acronyms for 4 quadrants:
2 types of superficial fascia in abdominal wall:
-Campers (superficial/fatty)
-Scarpa's (deeper/fibrous)
Where does Scarpa's fascia end inferiorly?
Blends with thigh fascia
Innermost layer of muscle in abdominal wall:
Transversus abdominis
What layer lies deep to Transversus abdominis?
Endopelvic fascia - aka, Transversalis fascia
What lies deep to transversalis fascia?
Layer of fat, then, PARIETAL PERITONEUM
Name of strap muscle stretching down length of stomach from xiphoid process to pubic symphysis/crest?
Rectus abdominis
What ensheaths Rectus abdominis?
Aponeuroses of lateral abdominal muscles.
Origin of the External Obliques:
Lower 8 ribs
Insertion of External Obliques:
Linea Alba - the line where opposite side aponeuroses meet.
Where is the Aponeurosis of External obliques in reference to Rectus abdominis?
Where does External oblique aponeurosis insert inferiorly?
ASIS - ant superior iliac spine
-Stretches down to pubic tubercle to form INGUINAL LIGAMENT
So the inguinal ligament is formed from what?
External oblique aponeurosis
Origin of Internal oblique:
-Lumbar fascia
-Iliac crest
-Lateral 2/3 of Inguinal ligament
Where is the Arcuate line?
Halfway between belly button and pubic tubercle.
What does the interior oblique aponeurosis do above arcuate line? Below it?
Superior: Encloses (encircles) rectus abdominis
Inferior: passes anterior to rectus abdominis
Where does the inferior part of Internal obliques insert?
Symphysis Pubis
What happens to the Internal oblique aponeurosis at its insertion at Symphysis pubis?
Fuses with aponeurosis of Transversus abdominis to make CONJOINT TENDON
Origin of Transversus Abdominis:
-Lower 6 ribs
-Lumbar fascia
-Iliac Crest
Re: arcuate line Transversus Abdominis Aponeurosis runs where
Superior: behind rectus muscle
Inferior: anterior to rectus muscle
What happens to the inferior fibers of Transversus abdominis?
Fuse w/ Internal oblique insertion at Symphisis Pubis to become CONJOINT TENDON (as above)