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Describe the best criteria for judging optimum density quality of an abdominal radiograph.
Sharply defined outlines of the psoas muscles, the lower border of the liver, the kidneys, the ribs, and the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae.
Describe what K.U.B. stands for.
Kidneys ureters bladder
Describe the proper breathing instructions for an abdominal radiograph
Suspend at the end of expiration
Explain the importance of giving the patient proper breathing instructions for an abdominal radiograph.
so the abdominal organs aren’t compressed by the diaphragm and the diaphragm is without motion.
Describe the difference between voluntary and involuntary motion.
Voluntary motion produces a blurred outline of the structures that do not have involuntary movement, such as the liver, psoas muscles, and the spine. Involuntary motion caused by peristalsis may produce either a localized or generalized haziness of the image.
Describe the projection of the first digit in a PA projection of the hand.
PA oblique
Describe the projection of the hand used to demonstrate the metacarpals when, due to injury, the hand cannot be extended.
Describe the projection of the hand used to demonstrate forward or backward displacement in fractures of the metacarpals.
Describe the projection of the hand used to demonstrate foreign bodies.
Describe the structures demonstrated on the fan lateral projection
The phalanges
Describe the position of a digit in a PA oblique projection to demonstrate the IP joint spaces.
Parallel with the IR