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psychotic disorder
severe psycho disorder characterized by thought emo or behavior
psychotic disorder chat by delusions hallucianations , disorganized speach, gross dis org or catatonic behaviro , affact flat , alogoia , or avolutiona
symptoms of schitz possitive
halucinations delusiona misrepresentation of rality autitory or brochas area speech production
schitz negative symptoms .
defects in normal behavior
inability to p initiante persist in activities (apathy
absence of seach
inability to expereince pleasere
disorganized symptoms
various erratic behavior that affect speach motorbehavior or emot reactions
disorgainized speach paterns
cognitive slippage
illogical and incoherent speach
going off on a tangent
loose assosiations
conversation unrelated diretion
disorgainized behavior

Catatonic excitement
catatonia imobility, disturbance motor behavior remains motionless

state of contstant purpeoselss agitation hyper
types of schitoprania
undifferentiated risidual
delusions halusination speech behavior intact
disorganize speach dil and hall and sill y flat affect
echolalia repeatin mimicking words others

Echopraxia mimiking movments of others
undifferentiated type
cat schio but not defined type
expereance once but no longer still bizzar
chizoaffective disroer
also symptoms of a mood disorder
delusional disorder
psychotic disorder featuring a persistent belife contrary to reality but no other symptoms.
delusiional disorder
having belifes contrary to reality but no other symptoms
erotomanic type
irrational belief that one is loved by another , usually of higher status
grandiose type
belifing inflated worth power knowlege identity
dealoous type
belives sexual partne ris unfaithful
persecutory type
delusion involves beliving people are out to get the afflicgted person or someone close to the afflicted person
somatic type
person feels afflicted by ta phgysical defect or genereal medical conditon
capgrass delusion
belife that a familuar person is actually a double
cotards delusion
inhold delsuion thingk they are dead
brief psychotic disorder
delusions hallucinations or disorganized speech or behavior but lasting less thna a month.
shared psychotic disorcer
shared by 2
shizophreniform disorder
only present for one month eriod
twins have what % chance getting shciz
structirue shcizo
enlarged ventricles
reduced brain tissue volume
less activity in the frontal lobe.
personality disorder for diagnosis
maladaptive functioning pattern behavior child hood hard to pinopong
peronality disorders are ego sntonic what
ego syntonic no distressed cause by behavior
Ego DYstonic behavioro evokes anxity and discomfort
Cluster A personality od and eccentric
chizoid detachment from social relationships
SCHIZOTYPICAL social isolotino shares with shcizo
clustor b dramatic and emotional
behavior emo impulse self inuury
excessive motion attention seeking chring seductive
Cluster C Anxious and fearful
avoidant dependent obsessive compulsive
Developmental disorders
learning disorder
feeding eating
tic/ elimination disorder
selective mutisme
perseitant eating nonnuttritive substances
rumination disorder
repeated regurgitation and rechewoing
tic disorders
involentary movments
elimination disroders
repeated passage of feces into inappropriate places

Repeated voiding of urine into bed close
autistic disorder Autism
social interatctions communication restricted speach patern
Aspergers Disorder
bad social relationship without language delays like autt
Retts disorder
progressive neuro devel handrighting mental retard impared motor
chilfd hood disintegrative disorder q
severe regression in languatg motorckills after 2 t o 4 year peroid
mental retard dation
down symndrom aka trisonmy 21
ragigil sx syndorme
cultural ramilal retardation
down syndrom
casued by chrom 21 physical appearnce
fragil x syn
child hood disorder seperation anxiety
reactive atachment
disturbed socieal related ness before age 4
conduct disorder
engage in viloat e socity norms
oppositiona defiant disorder
externalizing disorder disobediatn hostile towards athoruity.
3 classes of cognitive disorders
eelirium dementia, annesia
rapid onset reduced clarity, drugh intox infiections head injry sleep deprivation
gradual onset of brain functioning involving mem loss recognize objects faces planing abstract reasioning
symptoms of demintia
agnosia, inabiity to recognize name objects
facial agnosia same
dementia of alztimers type
gradual cog defects recalling new material cerberal cortex atypcial senial
vascular dementia
loss cog function caused by blockage blood flow
dementia caused by
hiv head truama parkinsons huntintons pics, substance multibple etiologise
treatment of dementia
psychosocial aime to enhanc elives patinets familis teach compensatory skiells, mem enahnce device interventions for caregivers
amnestic disorder
memory dysfunctons due to medical or substances