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What pliers are designed for cutting?
Diagonal pliers are designed for cutting
When using bolt cutters what are the 2 types of metal you should avoid?
Spring metal and tempered metal
What are the 2 types of portable sanders used in the Navy?
Electric and pneumatic
What portable power tool should you use to scale out a corner?
needle impact scaler
What is the most common measuring tool?
steel rule tape
What is the purpose of the dynometer?
Measure force or energy
What are 5 types of PPE?
Foot, eye, hand hearing and head
What are the 3 common types of tackles?
Gun, single luff, and two fold purchase
What is the mechanical advantage of a two fold purchase?
What tow tractor is most commonly found on the flight deck?
A/S 32A-31A
What tow tractor is most commonly found on the hangar deck?
What are the 2 ratio settings of the A/S47A-1 GTE Tractor mounted enclosure?
3.6:1, 5:1
What OPNAV instruction outlines the SE licensing program?
What is the standard shipboard wheel chock?
What are the 2 lengths of the TD-1B a/c tiedown?
9 ft, and 14ft
What model ALBAR should use to tow a shipboard AV-8?
What is the operating mode for the elevator stanchions?
Should be set in the manual mode
What is the color of the signal light that indicates Power available?
What publication governs the nonskid process?
NSTM Chapter 634
What is the service life limit of COMP G non skid?
12 months
By what method is nonskid normally applied?
rolling method
Freshly applied non skid typically cures fully after what # of days?
7 days
VLA markings painted on wheel stop coaming should be painted what width?
12 inches wide
At what height should hangar deck bulkhead VLA markings be placed?
14 ft high
What publication lists the VLA marking requirements for an a/c carrier?
VLA general service bulletin NO 8
What is the max lifting capacity of the spotting dolly?
What is the max speed of the A/S32A-32 when it has a load?
What is the height of spotting dolly?
30 inches
What is the drawbar pull of the spotting dolly?
What is the gross weight of the spotting dolly?
Where is the parking brake located on a TMU-70?
In front next to the handling bar
What type of barkes does the A/S-32-31 have?
Wet disc type
When will the brake warning light illuminate on an A/S-32-31A?
when the pressure falls below 1350psi
What is the gross weight of the A/S32A-31A?
Up to what weight can an A/S32A-42 tow?
What is the max forward speed of the 42 shore based tractor?
13 MPH
What is the difference between the Clas I and Clas II 37(budda)?
Class 2 has a ballast kit installed the class 2 is likely to found where they have poor weather often
What is the transmission for an A/S32A-37?
6 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds and it is automatic
What is the drawbar pull of the class 1 tow tractor? and the class 2?
20,000lbs; 35,000lbs
What type of inspections will all tow tractors have?
preop insp., periodic insp., and detailed maintenence insp.
What is the danger zone of GTC when operating under load conditions?
10 ft semicircle from its exhaust to 90 degrees on either side
How often should you clean a NWC-4?
at least monthly
Wheel chocks for shore staions can be found in how many sizes and what are the sizes?
3; tires up to 33 inches in diameter tires over 33 inches in diameter, to chock dual wheels
What is the safe working load of the A/B tiedown and what is the weight?
30,000lbs and it weighs 102 lbs
How long are the following towbars 8 albar, 15 albar, 20 albar and the 24 albar?
8 albar-9ft
15 albar-15 ft
20 albar-20 ft
24 albar-25 ft long
What towbar would you use to tow a F-18 on land?
20 albar
What tow bar would you use to tow an AV-8 on land?
20 albar
What is the duty cycle of an elevator?
60 seconds
What is the shelf life of non skid?
1 year
What should the deck temperature be when applying non skid?
55 degree-100degrees f
How much of the surface should be clean of visible residue?
What is abrasive blast?
Process in which the non skid is removed and a 3-4.5 mil profile is left in the deck metal
What is the service life of type I COMP G non skid?
10,000 landings/ 12 months
What is the primary advantage of hydro blasting?
No dust pollution significantly less waste to dispose elimination of FOD
How long should primer be applied after the metal is cleaned?
within an hur
What is the targeted profile of non skid?
1/32 (minimum)-1/16" maximum
what is the timeline for non skid for
(a) foot traffic
(b) vehicular traffic
(c) fully cured
(a) 24 hours after application
(b) 48-72 hours after application
(c) after 7 days
What color is the tramline for LHD type ships?
What color is the nozzle rotation line for AV-8? where is it located?
yellow; port side on the bow
How thick should primer be mixed to?
2-4 mils
What color are the flight deck supervisorrs signal wands?
red and green
Who is responsible for designating anf a/c director?
The air officer
What does the term ground resonance mean?
A condition of geometric imbalance on helicopters caused by offsetting dynamic forces
What is the minmum # of personnel required to tow an a/c?
When should an aircraft carrying forward firing ordanance be armed?
only after the launch officers initial walk around and prior to commencing lainch procedures
What are the 6 items to be worn during flight operations?
Cranial, sound suppressors, safety goggles, flight eck safety boots, flight jersey, and float coat
Who has overall responsibilty for the Aircraft integrity watch?
the air officer
The integrity watch messengers are assigned from what division?
V-1 division
What hand signal is being given when the director/LSE hold both fist clenched at eye level?
How long can you leave an APP running in any 1 1/2 hrs time frame?
30 min
Before moving an AV-8 what is the minimum brake pressure?
What is the jet efflux produced from an AV-8?
will exceed 200 degrees at a distance of 25 feet from the center of the landing spot
What is the amount of feet in front you should avoid how many feet for an AV-8?
40 ft. and 170 ft aft
How many permanent tiedowns are required on an AV-8?