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Define Segregation
The separation of Different racial/ethnic groups in social and political life, by law (de facto) and by custom (de jure)
Define Desegreation
The process of ending separation of racial/ethnic groups OR the process of ending the effects of segregation
Define Integration
Leveling of all barriers to association except those based on ability,taste and personal preference; taking affirmative action to provide equal opportnity
Define Structral Racism
System of socail structures that produce cumlative, durable, race-based ineqalities.
Define Talented Tenth
DuBois's idea that competent educated, professional blacks must be responsible for the uplift of everyone else
Define Accommodation
Washington's idea that industrial education would allow blacks to gain skills to become rsponsible, reliable citizens in the South; in exchange for being allowed to pursue this education, blacks would give agitation for full rights to liberal education.
Define Black Nationalism
A set of political/social ideas that promote black unity (rather than integration) and black self- determination
Define Assimilation
Bringing minority population into the majority population by erasing differences.
Define Multiculturalism
Bringing minority population into the majority population by making space for differences.
Define African American Studies
The study of the progression of African American History and Culture as well as the history of interactions between people of different races, which seeks to eradicate racism, empower black people and correct miseducation.
Where was the first Black Studies Program and what year was it?
San Francisco State in 1969
This person whoe Notes of a Native Son
James Baldwin
who said "Color is not a human, or personal reality its a political reality" and what did he mean?
James Baldwin;
This statement means race is an illusion an and is not a personal reality.
What did James Bladwin mean when he said "Amputation or Gaingreene"
There are two approches to racism you can (amputation) cut yourself off from the world to find out at a later time that was unessary or you can deal with racism head on but this approach leaves the posion of racim inside you and both are equally deadly.
define Multidiciplinary
Different department arranged by subject. who generally ask the questions about who you are as a person
Define Interdiciplinary
own department (not arranged by subject) large intellectual questions though this is also known as Thematics i.e. urbanization.
define Eurocentric
the center of focus is on Europe or European people, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence
define Afrocentric
a world view which emphasizes the importance of African people, everyone came from Africa and Africa is the heart of our history and culture
define Pan-Africanism
All blacks are from Africa; seeks to unify native Africans and those of Afican heritage.
define Social Construction
How we see ourselves in society as well as how we portray ourselves.
For Ishmale Reed what is the difference between thinking of Ameria as a melting pot, and thinking of its as a cultural bouillabaisse.
America is a multicultural society. Ameria is not a melting pot because there are so many different races, beliefs and religions that all have their own distinct characteristics. We are a cultural bouillabaisse that shows we are brought together but can still be distinctive and seen apart.