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Mission - What is the AAS Mission?
To create outstanding Air Force officer candidates through the implemtation of additional training while working as a Society to further the purpose, traditions and concepts of the United States Air Force.
Vision - What is the vission of the AAS?
To integrate full with our affiliated organizations, focus equally on professional development and service, and to use current and future technology to its fullest potential.
History - When was the AAS founded?
History - Where was the AAS founded?
University of Cincinnati
History - The AAS is a _________ society.
History - What three things formed the foundation of the society?
High Morals, Physical Fitness, Positive Mental Attitude
History - As of 20060906 what was the name of the last conclave?
History - When was the first National Conclave held?
History - What is the abbreviation for National Conclave?
History - Where was the first National Conclave held?
University of Cincinnati
History - At the first NATCON, who was named Honorary Sponsor?
Eleanor Arnold
History - What position did Eleanor Arnold hold at the first NATCON?
Honorary Sponsor
History - 1950 was a big year for the AAS. What happened?
The first NATCON
History - 1947 was a big year for the AAS. What happened?
It was founded.
History - What position did General James Doolittle hold at the first NATCON, following the death of General Arnold?
Honorary Commander
History - At the first NATCON, who was named Honorary Commander?
General James Doolittle
History - What year did this orginization become known as the "Arnold Air Society?"
History - What NATCON did the AAS become affiliated with the Air Force Association?
History - Reconstruction of the organizational structure of the AAS was proposed during which two National Conclaves?
Fourth and Fifth
History - In 1952 what organization was founded?
Angel Flight / Silver Wings
History - What is another name for the Angel Flight?
Silver Wings
History - What is another name for the Silver Wings?
Angel flight