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The Definition of the HOT ZONE.
Any area that requires the use of an S.C.B.A.
The accountability proceedure identifies what?
A SYSTEM of incident site accountability.
The purpose of an accountability system is to....
-account for all ff's in the hot zone.
-increase ff safety
-track location and function of firefighters on the scene.
Command is what sector in the accountability system?
Sector officer is what sector in the accountability system?
Company officer is what sector in the accountability system?
Engineer resp. of accountability?
-passport pouches
-hoseline id tags
-passport collection
-accountability officer of his/her apparatus.
Firefighter accountability resp
-helmet tags
-par tags
-stay with crew
-maintain air supply awareness
all members accountability resp.
-update company passport
-helmet id tags
-name on scbe facemask
-name on helmet
min. crew size is?
2 members each with a radio and a supervisor.
All crews work for either...
sector or command
accountability equipment for each piece of app.
-passport with pouch
-small company id tag
-helmet id sticker
-hose id tag
-passports are bright Yellow tags 3x4" marked with company id and shift.
extra name tags will be kept where?
underside of the helmet
Who is resp. for updating the MCT roster and the passport?
The company officer
Passports shall reflect only those members who are?
In the Hot Zone
When the company officer removes par tags not in the hot zone, where can they be placed?
-returned to the member
-coat pocket of company officer
-Underside of company officers helmet.
Implementation of the passport system will begin when?
Any incident that requires the use of an s.c.b.a.
In the first arriving engines follow up report they will include what?
ID and goegraphic location.
Where will each crew deliver their passports?
To the engineer of the engine they pulled a handline off of.
Ladder crew accountability
-roof ventilation = apparatus dash
-Interior = engine closest to point of entry
When a crew exits a fire they must retrieve their passports. Who is resp. for this?
Company officer and accountability officer
If a crew exits diff. then where they came in, what must they do?
IMMEDIATELY notify their original sector officer and /or accountability officer of thier changed status. The passport MUST be retrieved.
What is the back up kit kept in
A Blue bag
Who will assume safety sector as Battalion Chiefs are assighned to manage sectors?
At incidents involving a lost or trapped ff., accountabiliy will be managed by who?
Battalion Chief and FIT closest to bldg.
When will accountability be terminated?
-"fire under control" with a PAR on all crews.
-based also on the risk mngmnt profile
-only people in HOT ZONE
-Delivered to accountability location prior to entering the hot zone.
-Maintained at the point of entry to the hot zone
-never enter hot zone
-retrieved by all crews exiting the hot zone
-accountabiliy location is the engine where crew deployed hoseline
Definition of a PAR
-involves a roll call of all personell assighned to crews and sectors that are working in the hot zone.
-confirmation that all members are accounted for and have adequate exit air.
How should PARS be conducted?
face to face within the sector or company.
When are PARS required?
-missing or trapped ff
-offensive to defensive
-sudden hazard event)flash,backdraft,mcollapse, mayday)
-All Clear-Under controll
-30 min. elapsed time
-Any time command deems necessary.
multi story/high rise
-all crews deliver to bldg lobby.
-hoseline id tags to syandpipe.
-lobby sector tracks all crews
If lobby sector has not been established then, leave passports where?
in fire control room with fire personell.