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Africans believed it was passed down and indicated what type of person you were predicted to be
Was expected of personality traits
Two main purposes of the naming ceremony
To introduce child

To accept child into village n to allah
Teacher but no griot
Holy man of the village
Mandinkan belief
That child would develope the 7 characteristics oh whomever ot whatever he/she was named for
Day the child is usually named
On the eight day
Village name in Roots
Kunta Kinte's parents
Omoro and Binta Kinte
Kunta Kinte's midwives
Nyo Boto and Yaisa
Forefathers belief
A boy, firstborn presaged the special blessings of Allah not only upon the parents but also upon their families
Kajali Demba
Village alimano
Usually to pick name in most tribes
Father hold the duty of...
Karamo Silla
Jaliba of the village
Brima Cesay
Village Arafang
Janneh and Saloum
Omoro's brothers
Order the name is introduced
to the child (3x)
to the mom
to the arafang
to the village