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What does AA stand for?
Alcoholics Anonymous
Is AA a company? If not, what is it?
no, It's an organization.
Who is AA for?
To help people who's lives have been affected by Alcohol.
What is a person who's live is revolved around alcohol called?
What is the AA book called?
The Big Book
What is the Big Book?
The alcoholics anonymous bible.
What is the term for not using any substance?
What's the first step?
"We are powerless over alcohol"
How many steps are there?
12 steps.
In the second step, who brings "us" to sanity
a higher power
What process is discussed in the third step
decision making process
In step four, what are we making?
a searching and fealess moral inventory of ourselves
Who do we admit to in step 5?
God, Ourselves, and a nother human being.
In step 6, what are we ready for God to do?
remove all defects of our character
In step 7, what are we asking him to do?
remove our shortcomings