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Favorable, propitious, successful, prosperous
Auspicious (adj)
A spacious room is favorable for successful, propersous people
Without adornment; bare; severely simple; ascetic
Austere (adj)
A stare is simple
Austere is bare
Greed, especially for wealth
Avarice (n)
Greed for ava's rice.
Ava had a greed for wealthy rice
To state as a fact; to confirm or support
Aver (v)
To verify as a fact.
A universally recognized principle; a generally accepted common saying.
Axiom (n)
Axe 'em is a common saying
Taken as a given; possessing self-evident truth
Axiomatic (adj)
An act of defamation (false accusation) or maligning (evil in nature)
Aspersion (n)
An ass person is mean
Diligent, hard-working
Assiduous (adj)
To ease or lessen; to appease or pacify
Assuage (v)
As you age you tend to appease others and lessen the effects of the age
having a tightening effect on living tissue; harsh; severe
Astringent (adj)
A string of preparation H will tighten your thighs
To rarefy, weaken or make thinner, lessen
Attenuate (v)
At ten you ate in order to lessen the amount you eat later. This will make one thinner.
Daring and fearless; recklessly bold
Audacious (adj)
Omen, portent, the reading of omens
Augury (n)
A guru may read an omen
Majestic, venerable (command respect)
August (adj)
August Ceasar was majestic
Protection or support, patronage
Auspice (n)
Old Spice protects or supports the face after shaving