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Diametrically opposed, as in antithesis
Antithetical (adj)
Against the tickel = opposed of tickeling
Of dubious authenticity or origin; spurious
Apocryphal (adj)
A pocket full of fallicy
Farthest or highest point; culmination; zenith
Apogee (n)
Ap psychology, gee, it is the highest point in my carreer.
One who abandons long-held religious or political convictions, a betrayer of a cause.
Apostate (n)
Against the state.
Deification, glorification to godliness, the perfect example
Aptheosis (n)
To the Osiris & Isis
Appropriate, pertinent, relevant, apropos
Apposite (adj)
Appropriate site
Give notice to, inform
Aprise (v)
To inform one of a prize
An expression of approval or praise
Approbation (n)
An approval of probation
To take for one's own use; confiscate
Appropriate (v)
It is not appropriat to pirate music for your own use.